Welcome to the treasury!

in cooperation with Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH

Embark on a unique voyage of discovery in the Treasury Rhineland-Palatinate! In it hide landscapes that will amaze you: volcanic maars, deep gorges, steep vineyards, strong rivers and picturesque forests. In the midst of these natural landscapes you will find Castles, palaces, ancient legends and impressive personalitieswhich reveal themselves as true cultural jewels.Together we go on the Search for the origins of these unique and diverse natural and cultural treasures. Let's go - the Treasury Rhineland-Palatinate awaits you!

In collaboration with Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism GmbH

There are many good reasons for a vacation in Rhineland-Palatinate. Some of them are the numerous castles and palaces, great vineyards along the Moselle and Rhine and historic cities like Trier and Mainz.

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