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Summer recharges our batteries with its brightness and warmth. But when the hours of sunshine become scarcer and the cold season approaches, the need for security and peace increases - the ideal time for wellness. In Rhineland-Palatinate, those seeking relaxation will find many opportunities to recharge their batteries in harmony with nature. Being close to the water, igniting the fire, breathing clear air and feeling the earth: we follow the elements on our journey through the state and even discover a fifth element that is typical of Rhineland-Palatinate.


Water: Bad Ems

The FlussSauna of the Emser Therme invites you to relax © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH / Dominik Ketz

There are 15 healing springs bubbling here: The Spa town Bad Ems lies idyllically in the lower Lahn valley, close to Koblenz, and is the ideal place to draw strength from the element of water. Already in the 17th and 18th centuries, Ems was one of the most popular bathing resorts in Germany, and in the 19th century, numerous European monarchs and artists built their summer residences in the "world spa".

And the tradition lives on. Even today, many people come to Bad Ems to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. Especially popular is the resident Thermal bath with Germany's first river sauna. On 6,600 square meters, visitors can swim in the thermal water, leave everyday stress behind in the SaunaPark, release tension with massages and strengthen themselves in the fitness area. The view of the Lahn invites you to dream. Panta rhei - everything is in flux. A wisdom of life that is clearly perceptible here. 


Fire: Volcanic Eifel Spa Bad Bertrich

The Volcanic Eifel is an idyllic place and perfect to feel the power of fire for once. Here it blazes under the earth - and this energy is used by the spa in Bad Bertrich, which is quite unique. The pools are filled with healing water directly from the volcanic depths. A pleasant natural heat of 32 degrees Celsius and valuable minerals from nature do the body good -. the Vulkaneifel Therme promises a lot of relaxation and is the only Glauber salt spa in the whole of Germany.

In addition, the saunas take you on the trail of volcanism. Five saunas with different volcanic themes and a steam bath bring heat to the depths of the body and increase well-being. In luxurious relaxation rooms, the heat has an after-effect and relaxation flows through the body. 


Air: Salinental Health Park in Bad Kreuznach

The graduation towers in the Salinental are more than a kilometer long © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH/Dominik Ketz

A vacation for the lungs promises a stay in Bad Kreuznach. Salt was once produced in the Salinental valley. Not anymore, but the facilities have been preserved - thanks to the doctor Johann Peter Prieger, who recognized the healing power of the salt springs in 1817. Over a distance of more than 1.1 kilometers, brine continues to trickle from the graduation towers to the ground from a height of nine meters, and the mist of salt water hovers in the air. A walk along the graduation towers is like taking time out by the sea, only in the middle of Rhineland-Palatinate. Take a deep breath, because the fresh breeze is good for your lungs and bronchial tubes! What's more, even on hot days it stays pleasantly cool here.


Earth: Felkekur in Bad Sobernheim

Clay, light, air and water, combined with plenty of exercise and relaxation: the Felkekur © AdobeStock / nenetus

For more than 100 years people have been coming to Bad Sobernheimto experience the healing power of the earth. Why? In 1915, Pastor Emanuel Felke opened his naturopathic practice here and introduced his cure to patients. This is based on several pillars, but clay plays a particularly important role: applied to the skin, it is said to strengthen the blood vessels, stimulate circulation, deacidify and purify. Clay baths are also part of the therapy. The natural product is diluted with water and warmed up, so that the patient is comfortably warmly enveloped from all sides. This holistic therapy is said to help in particular with illnesses such as gout, rheumatism, arthrosis and high blood pressure. Even today, numerous facilities in Bad Sobernheim offer the Felkekur. 


Wine: The fifth element

Wellness in Rhineland-Palatinate? Of course, a glass of wine is a must. Enjoying a good drop from the region after a relaxing day rounds off the day. So it is actually clear that the wine may not be missing in this enumeration. Under the name "WellVinEss"  the Palatinate wine region has made it its business to combine relaxation and enjoyment. Wine is the guiding product that leads through the area - past picturesque vineyards, to cozy wine taverns. But WellVinEss doesn't just mean hiking through the vineyards and drinking a glass afterwards; wine and grapes also play a central role in the treatments themselves. For example, in the Riesling or Pinot Noir wine bath (the Riesling wine bath has a stimulating effect, the Pinot Noir wine bath has a calming effect), during a grape seed oil massage or a grape seed peeling. A Rhineland-Palatinate journey for the senses! 

Cover photo: Vitalizing thermal water flows in the pools of the Emser Therme consists of more than 30 minerals and trace elements © Emser Therme

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