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On the white chalk cliffs on the northeast coast of the island of Rügen stand dense forests, in front of which roar blue sea waves of the Baltic Sea - a place where the head calms down and the soul becomes quite wide. For example, at Cape Arkona. Or in the Jasmund National Park.

Jasmund National Park is a driving destination nature.

Due to the comfortable train journey and the free mobility on site with the spa card you can enjoy your vacation environmentally friendly.

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A name could hardly be more fittingThe Königsstuhl, which is part of the Jasmund National Park, towers white and majestically more than 100 meters above the glittering Baltic Sea. It is the most prominent elevation of the chalk cliffs of Rügen - the cliff formed more than 60 million years ago is not by chance one of the favorite motifs of photographers and painters, including the famous Caspar David Friedrich. In the visitor center of the national park, which at three hectares is the smallest in Germany, there is a lot of information about the history of the formation of the chalk cliffs in the Ice Age, and of course you have a great view of the coast and the sea from up there. 

In the hinterland of the cliff the large beech forests of the Stubnitz, which are part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage, stretch out - hidden deep in the greenery is the mystical Hertha Lake, which according to legend was once a Germanic cult site. On many hiking trails you can explore the rich flora and fauna.

The special tip: Admire the chalk cliffs from the sea - tour boats depart regularly from the port of Sassnitz.

Good connection by train: From Sassnitz train station, easily accessible from Hamburg via Stralsund, you can walk to the National Park Center in about two hours. For less active visitors, buses also run regularly from Sassnitz.
By the way, you can find tips on how to travel comfortably and inexpensively on long-distance and local trains with Deutsche Bahn here.

Mobile on site even without a car: Königsstuhl or BernsteinTicket

With the Königsstuhl ticket, you can travel all routes of the Vorpommern Rügen transport company for one day, and admission to the National Park Center is also included. Bonus: Some lines run regularly as RADzfatz bicycle buses from Sassnitz train station during the high season. Another option: the Bernstein Ticket RÜG. With this ticket you can enjoy the whole day long bus & train on the island of Rügen for free, plus discounts at attractions on the island. More info here.

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