Summer vacations are more than just a few weeks without school - they are memories of ice cream sundaes with colorful sprinkles and the waves of the Baltic Sea, of long days on the beach and little adventures in the hinterland. For example, on a beach vacation in the Baltic Sea resorts of Trassenheide and Karlshagen on the island of Usedom.

Josi has grabbed her new green air mattress and is letting the Baltic Sea rock her. Every now and then she rows her arms a little to compensate for the gentle swell. Her little sister Luna calls out to her. She is building a sandcastle with several towers and could use some help. Because Josi would like to stay in the water, her dad helps this time. He has been sitting in the beach chair reading until just now, while the mother of the two girls takes a little walk on the beach.

Experience adventure

A blue strip of the Baltic Sea, a four-kilometer-long, light-colored strip of sand and behind it a cozy place between forest and meadows - this is how the Baltic resort Trassenheide looks from the air. Trassenheide is characterized by vacation homes, some hotels and a camping site - there is a favorite accommodation for everyone. And there are also plenty of attractions: a wide variety of events start regularly in the concert shell on the beach promenade. The little ones can let off steam on a huge adventure playground. In addition, Trassenheide has a butterfly farm and the house where the world is upside down. Sounds mysterious? It is ...

Wellness for all

At the end of the beach day, Josi and Luna are usually allowed to get an ice cream - there's already the first stand right at the beach entrance in Trassenheide - but they already know all the other ice cream parlors here and in neighboring Karlshagen. Because Usedom is the island of beach chairs, there is also a mobile tourist information center on the promenade in Trassenheide during the high season - in a converted giant beach chair. Otherwise, the central point of contact for questions is the Haus des Gastes. In addition to information on places of interest, there is also a playroom for the little ones and a library - in case the weather isn't so great. 

Josi and Luna's parents enjoy their time by the sea, but they also go on excursions with the two children - going to the marina in Karlshagen, for example, to eat fish sandwiches. The marina is located three kilometers from the fine beach and directly on the Peene River. A nice contrast to the fine sand - here the family experiences a lot of maritime flair. The harbor is one of the largest moorings on the island and is also a great fishing spot. The children choose rolls with fried fish and get to talk to a real fisherman while eating. They learn from him that the place even has its own children's spa director, 12-year-old Amelie. She is committed to making the resort even more family-friendly. And sometimes she even has office hours ... Josi would like to visit her.

Josi's parents book a spa day for the whole family at the Travel Charme Hotel in Bansin. It is located directly on the beach, offers its guests 4-star superior comfort and is a hotel where all generations feel at home. Special feature: In the beauty area, small guests are also very welcome. And so the two daughters try out a face mask with cucumber slices and have their nails painted according to all the rules of the art. It's clear that they feel pretty grown-up when they relax afterwards on the super comfortable loungers with their bathrobes and towels around their heads. 

Canoe tour through the backwater

On the penultimate day, there is another big surprise for Josi and Luna: their parents have planned a canoe trip through the Achterwasser, the Bodden waters of the island of Usedom. For this, the family drives to the nearby Forsthaus Damerow in Koserow. There are lots of things to do there, such as playing miniature golf or volleyball. Or they can rent canoes - and the four of them do just that. Josi and Luna put on an orange life jacket for safety, even though they already know how to swim, of course. Better safe than sorry. Then they get a quick explanation of how to properly dip the paddles into the water. And off they go - through a fabulously green landscape with reeds on the shore and small sandy bays. "Mama, Mama," calls Luna, "can we stop? I want to see if there are any little fish in the shallows." Josi, on the other hand, wants another round of miniature golf after the tour. The parents laugh and nod. There's plenty of time on vacation on Usedom. All wishes can be fulfilled.

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Cover photo: In Trassenheide, the Baltic Sea is not much more than an air mattress distance from the village © TMV/Tiemann

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