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Admire magnificent brick Gothic buildings, look wolves and bears in the eye in the game park, walk in the footsteps of a famous artist or row leisurely across a lake - you can do all this in this beautiful town and much more. Here are eight highlights in Güstrow.


Güstrow Castle and Garden

In Güstrow you will find magnificent buildings, including one of the most important Renaissance castles in northern Europe. In this representative building from the second half of the 16th century Italian, French and Northern European elements merge in a unique way. Inside the castle you will find splendidly decorated rooms, an important collection of medieval artefacts as well as Renaissance and Baroque arts and crafts. The elaborately designed adjoining large pleasure garden has been completely restored and has been shining in new splendor for several years. The palace itself is undergoing extensive renovation and can only be visited to a limited extent. The palace garden is freely accessible.


150th anniversary year of Ernst Barlach in the Barlach town of Güstrow

The city of Güstrow is inseparable associated with the name Ernst Barlach. One of the most important artists of the 20th century lived and worked here in the heart of Mecklenburg for almost 30 years. Exhibitions of his works can be found in the Gertruden Chapel not far from the center of Güstrow and in the studio house with exhibition forum-graphic cabinet, the seat of the Ernst Barlach Foundation. On display are sculptures and sculptures such as the "Reading Monastery Student" or "Bound Witch" as well as the figures of the "Community of Saints" or "The Doubter". In addition, special exhibitions on Barlach and classical modernism are shown again and again. In 2020, Ernst Barlach would have turned 150 years old - on the occasion of this anniversary, the city honors the artist with numerous cultural and creative offerings.


Brick Gothic in Güstrow

Three masterpieces at once of North German brick Gothic can be admired in Güstrow. Especially worth seeing is the mighty cathedral, a highlight from the outside as well as inside. In addition to magnificent works of art from the 15th and 16th centuries, you will also find the figure "Der Schwebende" by Ernst Barlach, a memorial to those who died in the First World War. In the Church of the Holy Spirit, the oldest sacred building in the city after the cathedral, the first North German Nativity Museum was opened in 2007. The unique collection contains numerous nativity scenes from all over the world and impressively shows the many different ways in which the Christmas message can be interpreted. Finally, the three-nave hall church of St. Mary's impresses with its valuable interior decoration - especially the winged altar by the Brussels carver Jan Borman from 1522 is well worth seeing.


Güstrow market with town hall and town houses

The Güstrow market belongs is one of the most beautiful squares of its kind in the whole of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Surrounded by classicist buildings and medieval gabled houses, it is an impressive example of the once proud self-confidence of the citizenry. The showpiece is the Güstrow town hall: the facade, newly built in 1798, extends over four gabled houses, pilaster columns and garland decorations characterize the magnificent classicist building. The showpiece inside the building, which was extensively restored in 2002, is the large audience hall with its wonderfully designed stucco ceiling.


Lake Insel experience region

Had enough of a taste of culture? Then head out into the countryside: The Güstrower Inselsee in the south of the Barlach city is a popular recreation area. Here you can swim, paddle, fish or take a cutter tour and get to know the beauty of the region from a completely different perspective. At the Inselsee beach, you can rent a canoe from the boat rental and paddle across the Mühlbach along the boathouses to the boat dock near the city on Plauer Straße. Biking and hiking trails lead around the lake. Restaurants and cafés provide you with regional delicacies, just the right thing on a relaxing vacation day. From the lookout tower "Utkiek" you can enjoy the wonderful view of the lake and the city silhouette during a walk through the Heidberge.


Adventure tours, events & Co. in Güstrow

With the night watchman stroll through the evening Güstrow, walk in the footsteps of Ernst Barlach or explore the history of the city during the Renaissance - the range of adventure tours is large. There are also many culinary activities on offer: Under the slogan "Enjoyable Güstrow" you can visit regional markets, participate in tastings or book (bike) tours where you can look over the shoulders of local producers during production. In addition, the town offers a broad calendar of events, ranging from organ concerts to calligraphy week. It's worth a look!


Game Park MV and Ganschow Stud Farm

Bears, lynxes and wolves admire them up close, cuddle dwarf goats and sheep in the petting zoo or romp around in the adventure playground - the Wildpark-MV in the east of Güstrow is an absolute highlight for vacationers young and old. In the aqua tunnel you can walk dry-footed through a river and observe perch, pike and carp up close. The 8-hectare game reserve is home to fallow deer, white storks and white-tailed eagles. Don't miss the wolf walks at dusk - unforgettable insights into the life of the predators guaranteed. Just outside Güstrow, the Ganschow stud farm offers riding fun par excellence, with a good 350 horses at home here. Among other things, riding lessons for children and adults, guided rides, carriage rides and various riding and driving courses are offered.


Cycling, hiking, paddling - Güstrow active

It's worth it, to actively discover the green surroundings of Güstrow during your vacation. Light forests, hidden lakes and magnificent views await you on the beautiful hiking routes. Whether from the city center to the shore of the island lake, on lonely pilgrim paths or on the traces of old manor houses, the offer is large. In addition, Mecklenburg Switzerland is ideally suited for extended bike tours. A well-developed network of paths, various rental stations and bicycle repair shops ensure relaxed cycling. You can also spend a great vacation on the water, for example on guided trips by canoe or on an individual paddle tour along the beautiful shores of the Inselsee.

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