From home cooking to top cuisine

In Lower Saxony, culinary delights are closely linked to traditions and customs: In the Braunschweig region, beer is brewed according to a centuries-old recipe, and in Hanover, the "noble" Welfenspeise has been served for a good 200 years. The Emsland region is home to numerous traditional distilleries, and in the Oldenburg Münsterland region, hearty kale dishes and asparagus have always been served.

In many places in Lower Saxony, regional specialties can be discovered on site, for example during a guided tour of a brewery followed by a tasting. Or you can take a bike tour along the fields, weekly markets and farm stores. And there's more: In Wolfsburg, you can dine in one of the best restaurants in all of Germany!

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For your Vacation in Lower Saxony there are plenty of good reasons. From the North Sea with the wide beaches and the partly car free islands to the Harz Mountains, in between, among others, the Lüneburg Heath, the Old land, exciting Large and small cities and great Amusement parks, zoos and animal parks and exhibitions.

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