Fine sandy beaches, sea, wind and vastness: the East Frisian island of Norderney is a dreamlike piece of the North Sea.


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There you stand and can hardly believe your luck. It's low tide, and you walk across the now exposed piece of extra beach to the very westernmost point of the island. You stretch your feet into the cold water, the blue of the sky is immaculate, a strong sea breeze rustles your hair and pushes mountains of clouds that look like they have just been washed to the east. You turn around and look back at the island panorama: bright, fine sandy beaches surround the backdrop of houses in the city. The beach scene meeting points "Marienhöhe" and "Milchbar" glow in the afternoon sun. It's one of those moments on Norderney that are hard to beat for grandeur.

In any case sea

Norderney has become the place of longing for many North Sea vacationers. It is probably the most attractive of the seven inhabited East Frisian islands and is located in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park. And since 2009, Norderney has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With an east-west extension of 14 kilometers, the island covers an area of 26 square kilometers. The real estate prices are comparable to those of Sylt (or even more expensive!). Vastness, longing, freedom - vacationers will find all this here, especially on the 15 kilometers of bright white sandy beaches. Whoever comes to Norderney definitely wants sea ...

Beach as far as the eye can see © - brndtung

Four main beaches

And you get that in full dose - the island has four main beaches, each of which attracts a different audience by its character. Let's start with the west beach: here, especially families find their vacation happiness. Youngsters also have fun at the nearby playground and in the adjacent high ropes and climbing course. A little further on, it's cool, casual and urban on the north beach, which is popular as a sports and fitness fun beach - with an unobstructed view of the wide sea and the passing freighters. Vacation life here is vibrant, colorful and full of life - and events such as the "White Sands Festival," the "Holi Beach Festival" and the "Summertime @ Norderney" also contribute to this wonderfully lively atmosphere at Nordbad. About five kilometers from the city center, in the north of the island, you'll find the Weiße Düne (White Dune) - together with the pub of the same name, it has become the island's celebrity and hipster hangout in recent years. The tideways at the water's edge also offer a special bathing pleasure, because the sea water warms up to 28 degrees Celsius in them. In July and August, spontaneous beach massages are offered at the White Dune. On the other hand, guests who venture even further into the east of the island, to the Oasis beach, like it original and serene: nature lovers love the nudist sunbathing and the beach sauna with panoramic view there.

With style and elegance - Bade:haus and Conversationshaus

Anyone who has not visited the Bade:haus at least once is missing out on an island highlight. Close to the water and yet far away from all the hustle and bustle: the Bauhaus-style spa, which was built in 2005, has won numerous international awards and, with its 8,000 square meters of space, is also the largest thalasso spa in Europe, taking its guests on a journey into the wide world of seawater treatments. You will find the bath in the large pool with its play of light almost mystical. And you can also spend the night in the Bade:haus - even in style in a waterbed!

Just as refreshed as relaxed, you then change locations and immerse yourself in the quiet elegance of the Conversationshaus. The former summer residence of the Hanoverian royal couple, which will soon be 200 years old, is now mainly used by the public. Behind the imposing facades of historic spa architecture, the guest is now king - with many free services such as free Internet, library, or the fireplace room as a reading room. The Conversationshaus also houses the tourist information office and the accommodation service. And you can find out what's going on on the island there.

Thalasso platforms

You should save one special attraction for the last evening of your Norderney taster tour. If the weather is nice, you can walk towards the center of the island, where you can enjoy the magnificent evening atmosphere of the Thalasso platform at the "Dünensender" enjoys. There are three of these unusual lookouts on the island (also "Nordstrand" and "Zuckerpfad"). You can reach the lookout in the dunes via wooden plank paths. Already the way has something meditative, and at the destination every rest of hectic falls away from you. You sit down in one of the cocoons, which are seats enthroned on the platform like magical South Sea creatures. There you immerse yourself in the solitude and majesty of North Sea nature. Sea and dune sand, sky, clouds and sunset merge into a unique interplay of light and colors.

On the Thalasso platform at the dune transmitter you can enjoy the view from the cozy cocoons © jx

Cover picture: © 15 kilometers of the finest sandy beaches: perfect for long walks on the beach and beautiful (sun) bathing hours © 2011 PicSteP - Pictures Stefan Pähz

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