Delights from grandmother's cooking pot

In Germany, enjoyment is firmly rooted. It not only grows in the form of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in the country's fields and vineyards, but is also created when people cook together in their own kitchens. Cooking like grandma used to do is more popular than ever in Germany. Even star chefs are reinterpreting old classics such as Maultaschen, kale or Weißwurst, thus passing on a piece of German tradition. Of course, the special tastes vary from region to region and are closely linked to the local cultural landscapes: for example, along the Moselle and Rhine rivers, where the hillsides are dominated by viticulture; in Schleswig-Holstein, where cattle and sheep graze on the species-rich meadows, providing tasty meat and more than 120 types of cheese; or in the low mountain ranges and in the south of the country, where the best fruit thrives in numerous orchard meadows. Find out here which regions are famous for which dishes and where you can taste authentic German cuisine.