Here is heaven on earth

Word has spread that the notorious Ruhr region is much greener than its reputation. What is less well known is that the quiet Sauerland region comprises 2711 mountains and that bison live in the wild next door. And of course there are the big cities, full of culture and joie de vivre. And if you eat the classic "Himmel un Ääd" (heaven and earth) instead of the local curry sausage, you will feel very close to culinary heaven. Our tips for your vacation in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Tips from locals

Vacation in the cities of North Rhine-Westphalia

Culinary from North Rhine-Westphalia

Historical North Rhine-Westphalia

Quiet corners in North Rhine-Westphalia

Culture in North Rhine-Westphalia

Perfect weekends in North Rhine-Westphalia

Out into North Rhine-Westphalia's nature