If you think about your excursion destinations in the Teutoburg Forest, you can't miss the Hermann Monument or the historic half-timbered town of Höxter. But you should also give the Museum Marta Herford a chance.

By train to Herford: Plan arrival

Okay, maybe you can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Herford, the Marta Herford, not directly describe it as lovely. We are talking about a very modern building by the American star architect Frank Gehry. Art connoisseurs, however, know about the significance of this avant-garde gem - and the museum itself, with its focus on architecture and design, is also among the outstanding museums in North Rhine-Westphalia. So if you are traveling in the region of the Teutoburg Forest, you should definitely consider a visit to Herford.

Otherwise, the focus in East Westphalia-Lippe is primarily on the hiking happiness on the program: Through the Teutoburg Forest a well-developed (and marked) network of trails extends across the region, offering a variety of insights into the cultural and natural landscape of the low mountain range with its mixed forests, half-timbered villages, rugged rocky landscapes and deep valleys. The traditional "Hermannshöhen", for example, is officially one of the "Top Trails of Germany". No one can get around the Hermann Monument itself anyway: Anyone who wants to see the so-called "Colossal Statue" in the southern part of the region can do so. Teutoburg Forest has not looked at, was actually not there. It recalls the famous Varus Battle, in which Cheruscan prince Arminius ("Hermann") defeated a huge Roman army.

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