From the Harz to the Elbe

Garden dreams are the name given to 50 enchanting parks located everywhere between the Harz Mountains and the Elbe River - with concerts, art or simply benches in the greenery, they are highlights for travelers. Just like the Luther towns of Eisleben and Wittenberg or the world-famous Bauhaus architecture, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The cuisine is also top-notch - have you ever tried Salzwedeler Baumkuchen or Dry Gin "Old Paul"? Our tips for your vacation in Saxony-Anhalt!

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UNESCO World Heritage, the Brocken in the Harz Mountains and the Garden dreams and historical parks are good reasons for your vacation in Saxony-Anhalt. Even more? Sure! This way:

Vacation in Saxony-Anhalt

Cover image: ©Michael Deutsch/State Chancellery and Ministry of Culture Saxony-Anhalt