Monasteries and churches, historic Hanseatic cities, manor houses with parks and gardens - the Altmark enchants with its cultural treasures. Trips there can be combined with bike tours and hikes. A guide through the north of Saxony-Anhalt.

Even today, traces of past noble families can be discovered in the Altmark. The region in the north of Saxony-Anhalt is considered the "cradle of Prussia": The Altmark is the oldest part of the historic Mark Brandenburg, which later became the Prussian state. Deeply rooted in the Altmark are the von Bismarcks. The former Schönhausen Castle (Altmark), the birthplace of the "iron chancellor" Otto von Bismarck, which is now home to the Bismarck Museum, bears witness to this. By the way, you can still meet the von Bismarcks today - at Döbbelin Castle, where you can take a tour of the privately used rooms. 

The history of the region can also be experienced on the Altmark Circular Cycle Route, which leads past the famous Hanseatic towns of the Altmark such as Stendal and Salzwedel. In Stendal, for example, imposing buildings in the brick Gothic style are a reminder of the former wealth and importance of the more than 800-year-old Hanseatic city. Here you will also find the Uenglingen Gate, after Lübeck's Holsten Gate probably the most famous city gate of the Brick Gothic. The small towns and villages with characteristic field and brick churches along the approximately 500-kilometer route are also beautiful. 

The Stendal town hall dates back to the 15th century. Something even older can be found in its interior: The oldest carved wall in Germany from 1462.
The Stendal town hall dates back to the 15th century. What is inside it is even older: The oldest carved wall in Germany, dating from 1462 © Adobestock/Sina Ettmar

Somewhat older than the Gothic buildings erected in the High Middle Ages are the many churches and monasteries from the Romanesque period. The "Romanesque Road" theme route runs like a long figure eight from Arendsee to Zeitz. Highlights along the route: the 850-year-old St. Mary's Cathedral in the Hanseatic city of Havelberg, as well as in Jerichow the monastery and the monastery church, the oldest brick building in the region.

Cover photo: The Altmark circuit also passes the imperial town of Tangermünde © AdobeStock/Kara

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