How much snow is on the Wernigerode ski slopes? Is the sun shining? How does it look in Wernigerode from? Is there a lot going on at the sights? Webcams are a great way to gather inspiration for your vacation. And they help you plan excursions during your vacation. Take a look at Wernigerode right now and find out which season is best for a vacation. 

What's going on in Wernigerode?

Why Wernigerode is also called the "colorful city in the Harz", should be obvious after just a short stroll through the old town. The town hall alone - first mentioned in a document in 1277 - shines in the most beautiful colors. The finely carved figures with which the storey and roof projections of the town hall are decorated are also eye-catchers there - it is probably one of the most beautiful town halls in Europe. Not a bad representative, then, for the state-recognized "resort town" in Saxony-Anhalt on the northeastern flank of the Harz Mountains with a population of just over 30,000. But even independent of the historic town hall, Wernigerode presents a predominantly idyllic face, characterized by neat Lower Saxon half-timbered houses and the neo-Gothic castle, which keeps a clearly visible watch over the town. And for those of you who would like to know what you can do in the surroundings of the Harz "metropolis", we can assure you: A lot. The "Brocken" alone, only about 12 kilometers from the city limits of Wernigerode, is likely to capture the imagination of hikers, bikers and climbing enthusiasts. One question, however, remains unanswered: Who was the first to call Wernigerode a "colorful city in the Harz Mountains"? In fact, this is not a marketing idea of the city's PR department, but the title of an essay written by the famous heath poet Herrmann Löns as early as 1909. Two years earlier, the nature poet had spent four weeks in Wernigerode with his family - an experience that apparently made a strong impression on him.

Wernigerode in summer

In summer you can go stamping in the Harz mountains. But don't worry, it's not something the employment agency would be interested in... Under the heading "Harzer Wandernadel", you can earn a total of 222 stamps on the hiking trails of the Harz - 23 of which can be snatched up near Wernigerode alone. This is, of course, a motivational booster for all outdoor enthusiasts who not only enjoy the summer trails of the Harz, but also appreciate a bit of competition. But that doesn't have to mean marching off at a brisk pace right away: On the 4.5-kilometer "Wernigerode Fairy Tale Trail," for example, you'll be reminded of various fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm at eight stations - and you can take along a task sheet at the start of the fairy tale forest, on which a short quiz is outlined. Those who solve all the tasks along the way will receive a small surprise at the end in the Armeleuteberg inn!

Wernigerode in summer, this is a hotspot for hiking enthusiasts, but also for mountain bikers or touring cyclists. Relaxed bike tours to Ilsenburg, Halberstadt or Blankenburg are possible on a well-developed network of bike paths in the relatively flat Harz foreland. Perfect occasions to interrupt the ride and see something else along the way would include the monasteries in Drübeck, Ilsenburg or Blankenburg. Bonus: The panoramic views of the Brocken and the other mountains of the Harz. There is also a lot going on culturally in Wernigerode: In the courtyard of the castle, for example, the "Castle Festival" takes place from July 30 to September 4 - here architecture, nature and culture are brought together in an entertaining way.

Wernigerode in winter

Wernigerode is quite popular with winter sports enthusiasts, the largest offer of winter sports facilities can be found in the district of Schierke below the Brocken. Even alpine skiing is possible here in the German low mountain range: In the skiing area Zwölfmorgental there is a - albeit small - slope with a lift at a height of around 400 meters for skiing and snowboarding. For families the skiing area offers optimal conditions, also for the smaller snow sportsmen: On a tobogganing meadow pleasurable tobogganing games entice, various cross-country skiing trails in the Harzvoland round off the fun for people who understand outdoor sports in the snow rather as a deceleration exercise. In addition, there are also some ski jumps in the Harzer Zwölfmorgental - even if this is for most of you probably rather a sport in which you only watch with interest, instead of actively participating ... But again in the middle instead of just there applies when it comes to a ride on the Brockenbahn: Several times a day the Harzer narrow-gauge railroad puffs steaming up to the highest Harz mountain. Guests with a sense of good timing may even be lucky enough to enjoy a special trip on the traditional "Dampfnostalgie" train.

Those who want their personal winter pleasure would not like to move at all from Wernigerode's center, comes there possibly nevertheless into movement, at least, if the snow height of 25 centimeters is reached: Cross-country skiers will then be able to enjoy a 10-kilometer trail, starting at Försterplatz. If that is still too much for you, you can decide to take a leisurely walk. We recommend the so-called Schierker Panorama-Runde, which would probably be a good template for any Instagram account.

Best time to visit Wernigerode

Climatically clear: In principle, the best time to visit Wernigerode would be from June to August, as you will find pleasant temperatures and hardly any precipitation. The highest average temperature in Wernigerode was measured at 23°C in July, the lowest temperature is 2°C in January. However, since the city in the Harz Mountains is very popular with winter sports enthusiasts, different criteria are likely to apply there than for a designated summer destination. In Wernigerode and its immediate surroundings, numerous winter sports opportunities ensure that a vacation in the winter season could also be the best time for tourists to travel - it's all a matter of perspective and needs. The most snow falls in Wernigerode on average in December, with January following at some distance. On average, snow depths of at least 30 centimeters are reached on 36 days in the winter sports areas in the Harz Mountains.

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