Simply because of its location close to the Netherlands and Belgium, Aachen's architectural, culinary and cultural influences are quite international. The famous University of Technology and the CHIO equestrian tournament also keep chic Aachen busy.

If you want to get to know Aachen, it's best to start with the city's most beautiful square: the Katschhof is a kind of Aachener's Marienplatz - here, in the direct vicinity of Aachen's famous cathedral and the chic Aachen City Hall, concerts and flea markets take place in the summer - at least in corona-free times - and the idyllic Christmas market in the winter - and in the enchanted-looking pubs of Aachen's old town, meanwhile, there's official business all year round.

The area around the Ponttor, where the many Aachen students traditionally meet in numerous bars and restaurants, is also within walking distance. The international scene is everywhere in the city, because Aachen traditionally attaches great importance to European cohesion. For example, the International Charlemagne Prize is awarded here to people who have rendered outstanding services to European unification. In addition, once a year the world watches the Aachen CHIO, one of the most important equestrian events in the world. But the city of Charlemagne is also suitable for a Shopping spree under the sign of good taste.

By the way, you can find tips on how to travel comfortably and inexpensively on long-distance and local trains with Deutsche Bahn here.

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