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When the air gets cooler and the days shorter, that's the time. Then the slopes along the Baden Wine Route slowly turn red and the grapes, which have ripened over the year, are harvested and processed into fine wines. Now it is time: Put on sturdy shoes and set out on the 500-kilometer-long vacation route. This route offers many unforgettable experiences during the golden season. Here are seven regions along the Wine Route where you can enjoy the grape harvest to your heart's content.


Readings and torchlight walks in the Kaiserstuhl region

On the Kaiserstuhl, sun terrace follows sun terrace. Here, not only exotic plant species and rare animals feel at home, but above all the vines that stretch in long rows through the gentle hills. In autumn, in addition to the wine cellars and inns, the ostriches open their doors to entertain you in a family atmosphere. In addition to the regional cuisine, there are many other things to experience here. For example, a torchlight wine hike on the Achkarrer Schlossberg. With your own torches you light your way to a total of four wine stations, at each of which you will be served a wine from the region. Or you can make yourself comfortable with your wine glass in the vinotheque "Miriams GeschmackSache" in Ihringen am Kaiserstuhl. Readings are held here regularly, for example by author Hannes Finkbeiner. The setting for his book "Mörderische Auslese" (Murderous Selection) is the region around the Kaiserstuhl, and one or two of the wines described will certainly look familiar to you. More experiences in the Kaiserstuhl Nature Garden can be found at here.

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Sunset at the vineyard. Soon the torches will be brought out
Sunset at the vineyard. Soon the torches will be brought out ©Fabian Müller, STG

Rhine navigation in the Tuniberg region

South of the Kaiserstuhl rises another vineyard on the Baden Wine Route, where the Romans already cultivated their wine in 888 AD: the 120-meter-high Tuniberg. Nestled among green vines here are picturesque villages and gardens, ideal for a short rest on a hike through the vineyards. The region is one of the warmest and sunniest in Germany and spoils its visitors with many golden days even in autumn. By the way, you can also enjoy these quite excellently during a boat trip across the Rhine. For example, on one of the autumnal trips of the Breisacher Fahrgast-Schifffahrt. Whether "Wies'n Schmankerln" or "Father Rhine". From on board, you can enjoy an excellent view of the vineyards on the Eckartsberg and the slopes of the Kaiserstuhl while enjoying roast venison, venison goulash, dumplings and a glass of wine. More information about the Breisacher Fahrgast-Schifffahrt can be found at here.

At the Tuniberg you can sail over the Rhine with regional delicacies
On the Tuniberg you can sail along the Rhine while enjoying regional delicacies ©Breisacher Fahrgast-Schiffahrt

Wine and Baden tapas in Breisgau

Breisgau is considered the warmest region in Germany and has served as a wine-growing region for 1,000 years. In the idyllic valleys, you can therefore discover many inn signs that lure guests to the rustic wooden table with regional delicacies. The "Palais Wunderlich" in Lahr/Black Forest, with its listed rooms, is also one of the most beautiful inns in the Black Forest. Today, the former trading house houses vacation apartments that spread a very special feeling through their old bricks, wooden floorboards and beams. In addition to vacations, you can also taste wine from the region here in a homely atmosphere. Twelve of them in fact. Six winemakers from the region will be on hand to guide you through the evening and provide you with all kinds of information about viticulture in the Breisgau region while you enjoy tasting the wines. In addition, there will be Baden tapas and a large portion of good humor. You can find more information here.

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In Breisgau idyllic valleys and regional specialties await you
Idyllic valleys and regional specialties await you in Breisgau ©Hotz

Wine hike in the Ortenau

1,700 hours of sunshine a year - no wonder there are so many inviting inns and wine taverns in the Ortenau region, making it the perfect place to reward yourself with regional delicacies after a guided three- to four-hour hike through the Waldulm vineyards. But don't worry. Even during the hike, you can enjoy spectacular views, fancy wine specialties and regional products. Or you can make your way to the Renchtal. On a walk in this beautiful spot between the Rhine plain and the heights of the Black Forest, you will surely pass one of the rustic Straußwirtschaften (wine taverns), from whose ovens you can already smell the aroma of freshly baked tarte flambée. Perfect to end a day of hiking in a pleasant atmosphere. You can find more information about the wine paradise here.

In the Ortenau region, a large number of wine taverns and wine taverns invite you to feast.
In the Ortenau, a variety of wine taverns and Straußwirtschaften invite you to feast ©Jigal Fichtner/Renchtal Tourismus GmbH

Long distance hiking along the Baden Mountain Road

Castles surrounded by green vineyards, picturesque old towns and a Mediterranean ambience - welcome to the Baden Bergstrasse. Even though the winegrowing area located here is one of the smallest in the Baden winegrowing region with its approximately 390 hectares, the wine pressed locally is really something to behold. Even comedian Bülent Ceylan creates his own wine on site together with the local Schriesheim winegrowers' cooperative. Wine enthusiasts and families should especially not miss the three-kilometer hike on the Kuhberg. A theme trail leads up to Strahlenburg Castle, which sits enthroned on the hilltop surrounded by vines. And along the way, you can learn how a grape is turned into wine with the help of the information boards along the way. For those for whom a three-kilometer hike sounds like a short walk, the 120-kilometer Burgensteig long-distance hiking trail and the 90-kilometer Blossom Trail will delight. Along the mountain range, it passes 30 castles and palaces through parts of the Odenwald to rustic Heidelberg and Darmstadt. You can find more information about the theme trail here and to the long distance hiking trails here.

Along the Badische Bergstrasse, the route takes you through autumnal vineyards in a Mediterranean ambience.
Along the Badische Bergstrasse, the route takes you in a Mediterranean ambience through autumnal vineyards©Friday, STG

Feasting on the Kraichgau

The Kraichgau is also called the land of 1,000 hills. Anyone who stands on one of these hills and turns on their own axis will understand why. As far as the eye can see, one green ridge follows another here between the Odenwald and the Black Forest. Every now and then, a sprightly castle, a small half-timbered village or an orchard meadow peeps out from between the vines. And of course, along the way, you will inevitably stumble upon the traditional Besenwirtschaften (wine taverns). The small taverns of the wineries open their doors at the end of the grape harvest, usually from mid-October, to fill growling stomachs with regional specialties. You should definitely try the Maultaschen here. In the Kraichgau, they are still traditionally served fried with fresh garden salad, gratinated with spicy cheese or served in broth.

Tip: It is best to find out before your visit which of the Besenwirtschaften are open. There is a Besen calendar and even a Besen app. You can find more info here.

The small taverns of the wineries open their doors with the end of the harvest usually from mid-October
The small taverns of the wineries open their doors with the end of the harvest usually from mid-October © Keller, STG

Federweisser and onion tart in the Tauber Valley

When autumn comes, it means one thing above all in the Tauber Valley: Federweißen time begins! Because people here are particularly proud of the fermented sweet grape must. After a bike ride on the "Liebliches Taubertal - Der Klassiker" bike path or a hike along the "Panoramaweg Taubertal", you should definitely stop at one of the Besenwirtschaften and order a glass of Federweißer. By the way, this is traditionally served with a piece of Franconian onion cake, which is also called "Zwiebelblotz" in the Tauber Valley. You can also experience that hospitality is a top priority here on one of the guided wine tours, where you can stroll leisurely from winery to winery, taste delicious wine varieties and learn something about the cultivation and development of wine in the region. You can find more information here.

In autumn the Federweißen season begins in the Tauber valley
In autumn, the Federweißen season begins in the Tauber valley ©Keller

Cover photo: The Baden Wine Route in autumn sunlight © Adobe Stock - focus finder

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