Almost 160,000 people live in Heidelberg and sometimes feel like the staff of a home movie. After all, the historic old town, Heidelberg Castle and the picturesque university are known all over the world.

By train to Heidelberg: Plan arrival

Heidelberg may be a manageably large city with 160,000 inhabitants, but it is one of the most famous German cities. And it is one of the cities that tourists would least want to miss on their tour of Germany. The reason for the attraction of the contemplative old university town on the Neckar: First of all, the harmonious ensemble of the castle, the old town and the picturesque Neckar, gently embedded in the mountainous landscape idyll of the Electoral Palatinate.

Because Heidelberg has survived the wars of the last centuries without significant destruction, one can enjoy an unadulterated, cheerful baroque cityscape during walks through the old town on the southern bank of the Neckar. Behind one of the baroque facades, by the way, is the famous Studentenkarzer, where the Heidelberg University imprisoned unruly students until 1914. If you want to get a second impression of the beauty of Heidelberg, you should definitely take a walk along the Philosophenweg. It leads up the banks of the Neckar to Heiligenberg, is a bit steep at times, but rewards with dream views of the castle and the old town.

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