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There are days when the people of Stuttgart don't find it so thrilling to live in a valley basin. Most of the time, however, he is happy to be framed in this way by green countryside and picturesque vineyards

Where else in a really big city can you simply stroll from one neighborhood to another and pass a beautiful vineyard along the way? From a cappuccino at the bistro bar to a cheerful strolling beer in less than 10 minutes... Especially nice: the circular route from Obertürkheim to Untertürkheim, which is just under 10 kilometers long, and on which you pass sights such as the Villa Kayser or the Collegium Wirtemberg. Of course, the obligatory stop with wine tasting awaits you on the way, if you "have to" look at magnificent vineyards the whole time: In the wine tavern "Rotenberger Weingärtle" you can actively devote yourself to the newly gained knowledge that you have just acquired in the Stuttgart Wine Museum - this is also on the way. The choice of vineyard walks in Stuttgart and the surrounding area is wide: The Fellbach Wine Trail is particularly popular, firstly because the wines from the Kapellberg are praised in the area, and secondly because the town's local mountain holds numerous impressive viewpoints. Bonus: On request, the hike on the Fellbach Wine Trail can also be accompanied by so-called wine experience guides, who can tell you interesting facts about the culture and history of Stuttgart's viticulture on each stage. Another tip for the romantics among the oenologists: In autumn, the hikes around Stuttgart are particularly beautiful: Who needs the Canadian "Indian Summer" when you can have the wonderful golden shimmering reds of nature in the Swabian October light of the vineyards? 

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