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Written by Ania and Daniel

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We drove to Durbach and had no clue what to expect.
A small place.

We knew that.
And it should be cozy.
That it ended up being one of our highlights on the entire Germany road trip and that's why we're reporting on it today, we really wouldn't have thought. But yes: Germany does surprise! And Durbach, too.
Just last summer, we were able to get to know the cozy Durbach in Baden-Württemberg in the middle of the vineyards on the edge of the Black Forest. We had just come from the partly foggy Schwarzwaldhochstraße and were suddenly surrounded by vineyards in the golden evening light.


The small place on the edge of the Black Forest is located only a few kilometers from Offenburg. Durbach invites you to take a leisurely stroll through the town center and here you can also enjoy one or the other restaurant, cafe or vintner. Already a good start, we think.
Great sights You won't find any hiking directly in town, but that's not necessary: the beautiful, wide vineyards are right outside the door! In addition, Durbach is ideally suited as a cozy place to stay for a short vacation and starting point for further excursions in the region due to its location and the selection of accommodations.
If you're traveling by car, it is only a few minutes from here to the first hiking trails in the Black Forest. So also an ideal starting point for hikers, nature lovers and of course, wine lovers.
Tip for the journey: If you are traveling by car from the north and are not in a hurry, we can recommend a small detour via the B500 (Schwarzwald-Hochstraße). A popular panoramic road along which some sights and brilliant views into the valley are located!

Staufenberg Castle

Actually it is already almost like the landmark of Durbach: the Staufenberg Castle. It is located directly next to the village center on top of one of the vineyards. At an altitude of about 380m, you have the best view of Durbach and the surrounding area from here. A visit up here is always worthwhile, but especially in the evening hours of the summer months, when the vineyards are covered by the warm golden light and the sun slowly sets. A glass of wine may not be missing, of course, and the vacation feeling is on 100%.
Staufenberg Castle was built as early as the 11th century, belongs to the market counts of Baden and it is assumed that wine has been grown here since the middle of the 14th century. The winegrowers are thus said to have had a great influence on the cultivation of wine and wine culture in the region.
Today you will find in the castle Staufenberg a restaurant, a wine tavern and a farm store. Especially on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant with a far-reaching view of Durbach and the surrounding countryside, it is of course particularly good to stay and enjoy the house's own wine.
To the castle you can either hike or even drive up by car if you are not so good on foot. The parking spaces up here are limited though.

Vineyards near Durbach

In addition, of course, invite the surrounding vineyards invite you to relaxed hikes. You can expect little or no difficult passages over hill and dale, but rather gravel paths across the mountains. Of course, with the best view of the valley and the landscape. In between, benches are waiting for a small picnic or you stop for a snack or refreshment directly in the castle Staufenberg. The castle is usually located directly on the hiking trails through the vineyards.
Possible hiking trails would be for example the Weitblick-Tour (approx. 3,5 hours / 11km) or the Durbacher Weinpanorama (approx. 5 hours / 15,2km)

Around Durbach

In addition, Durbach is suitable as described above also perfect for excursions in the surrounding area. Especially with a car you are flexible and quickly at other sights, hiking trails and Co. in the area. A few highlights would be here for example:
Mummelsee & Hornisgrinde in the Black ForestBoth the Mummelsee and the Hornisgrinde are popular destinations in the region. You can take a leisurely stroll around the lake or head straight for the hiking trail up to Hornisgrinde, one of the highest points in the Black Forest. Parking is available at the bottom of the lake.
Moosturm: Behind the name hides a lookout tower with a beautiful view over the surroundings and with good visibility up to the Vosges. From Durbach you can either hike there or park your car nearby.
Gengenbach: A pretty town with half-timbered houses and cozy restaurants and cafes near Durbach. Perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll when you don't feel like mountains or nature.
Ortenberg Castle: Similar to Staufenberg Castle, Ortenberg Castle is also located on a vineyard and is surrounded by beautiful greenery and also offers a brilliant view.
More hiking trails in the Black Forest: And of course, the entire Black Forest region makes the hiker's heart beat faster and offers plenty of hiking trails and hiking routes! There should be something for everyone here. Say hello to the vineyards and drink a wine for us!

By train comfortably and without traffic jams to Durbach: Plan arrival.

Cover photo: Welcome to Durbach - small village surrounded by vineyards © Geh Mal Reisen

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