The first path often leads visitors to Karlsruhe to the Karlsruhe Castle with its extensive gardens. This also makes chronological sense, because it was only with the laying of the foundation stone of the castle that the city of Karlsruhe was founded in the first place. 

By train to Karlsruhe Castle: Plan arrival

Today, the Baden State Museum resides in the rooms of the magnificent palace, which can be discovered - and now it's getting more interesting for little people, too - on the Schlossgartenbahn, the Karlsruhe Bähnle. The train was built on the occasion of the Federal Garden Show in 1967 and runs on a circuit of about two and a half kilometers across the castle grounds to the amusement of more than 50,000 passengers a year. An interesting mix is also the zoological city garden in Karlsruhe, which on the one hand invites you to relax, but on the other hand also has a large variety of species of tropical plants and animals.

More than 50 galleries, theaters and museums are spread throughout Karlsruhe, although the insider claims: the creative life of the city also has a clear center. The area around the old slaughterhouse is home to numerous good restaurants, bars and cafés. A casual start-up atmosphere prevails here, and craft manufactories have also settled here.

If you prefer something more dignified, Durlach is the place to be: with almost 30,000 inhabitants, the district is not only the largest, but also the most medieval quarter of the city. The Renaissance building Karlsburg is particularly worth seeing here., also known as the Old Castle. Those who have not lost the fun of historical train rides and at the same time want to have a good view of the whole city, by the way, can combine these two things perfectly: The Turmbergbahn - a historic funicular - goes up to the 256-meter Turmberg, which is considered Karlsruhe's local mountain. The view from the Turmberg terrace down into the city can't be beat. 

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