From fishing hook to plate: During the Lake Constance Fish Weeks from September 12 to October 9, 2022, chefs in 21 restaurants around Lake Constance will be conjuring up culinary delights based on whitefish, cretzer and co.

They are no longer an insider tip, the BodenseefischWochen on Lake Constance. Unusual, fine fish menus from the kitchens of the hosts attract connoisseurs and gourmets to Lake Constance every year. All 21 establishments offer a freshly caught three-course fish menu with starters, main course and dessert.

Directly from the nets of fishermen lands the catch of the day in the kitchen and is interpreted there individually. With talent and a lot of love for the lake, the chefs create the finest creations from cretzer and char, from silver and bluefish or pike. They reinterpret traditional classics or create completely new ones. May we whet your appetite a bit? Here you go: Roach matie, whitefish fillet under an arugula-bacon crust, deep-fried fish liver on herb salad and char in a sesame coating have all been on the menu in recent years.

The icing on the cake at the BodenseefischWochen: As far as possible, wild catches of the various fish species are put on the plate. This pleases the gourmet, because wild fish are particularly tasty because they have grown more slowly and are therefore lower in fat than their farmed counterparts.

Nice extras: For each menu, the fish lovers receive a stamp in the so-called BodenseefischPass (Lake Constance Fish Passport), which they can later throw into the lottery pot. Numerous gourmet menus and gastronomy vouchers await the winners. Another highlight during the BodenseefischWochen is the whitefish trip on the solar-powered ship HELIO or a Fish on Tour hike. Connoisseurs really can't enjoy their freshly caught food any closer to the lake!

Fishermen's Paradise Lake Constance: With its large reed areas and shallow water zones, Lake Constance offers an ideal habitat for a wide variety of fish species. Whitefish, char, pike-perch, burbot and a wide variety of trout species - these are just a small selection of the fish diversity at Lake Constance, along with pike, cretzer and eel. Lake Constance.

Dates and highlights: The Lake Constance Fish Weeks will take place from September 12 to October 9, 2022. During this time, 21 different inns and restaurants on Lake Constance will each offer a three-course fish menu. Sometimes classic, sometimes creative, but in any case with extra-fresh Lake Constance fish from the fisherman you trust.

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