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The water of the Gutach falls into the depths in seven steps. Germany's highest waterfall near Triberg in the Black Forest is an attractive destination for visitors all year round.

By train to the Triberg waterfalls in the Black Forest: Plan arrival

Water coming from above usually means rain and is not particularly popular. When, on the other hand, Germany's highest waterfall in Triberg in the Black Forest hurls its thundering masses of water 163 meters deep into the valley, the joy among spectators is great. They can admire the unique wet spectacle on three different routes (and seven steps), on the so-called nature, culture or cascade paths. In addition, a new natural footbridge with a spacious platform has been built - for all those who want to treat themselves to a little refreshment in between. The spray of the waterfall can be felt directly on the skin, and the direct view of the nearby cascades has an additional invigorating effect. A welcome side effect is that the waterfall's ionization of the air has an extremely beneficial effect on colds and asthma.

By the way: In the winter you can stay during the Triberg Christmas Magic walk along the waterfall circuit and take in the tunnel of lights created there at this time of year.

Mobile on site even without a car: KONUS guest card

Short card, long translation: With the KONUS guest card ("Kostenless Nution of the public transport system for Schwarzwaldurlauber" - so you heard it once...) you can move with all public transport in the Black Forest, it is handed out to vacationers of the region in their accommodations. If you don't get a KONUS card, you can switch to the National Park ticket. With this card, travel by public transport in the Black Forest National Park area is inexpensive, family tickets and group tickets are also available here. More info: click here.
By the way, you can find tips on how to travel comfortably and inexpensively on long-distance and local trains with Deutsche Bahn here.

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