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If you're planning a tour of Saarbrücken, be sure to make a few culinary stops along the way. There are not only excellent star restaurants here, but also many manufactories and pubs that are run with love, passion and skill. Very practical: The city can be easily explored on foot. So you can not only discover the sights with open eyes, but also work up an appetite for the next delicacy. From sweet to savory, from a small snack in between to a hearty meal: We present our 10 favorites for special moments of enjoyment in Saarbrücken.



Freshness in a jar is available from Andrea Dumont at Fruchteria
Fresh(ish) in a glass is available from Andrea Dumont in the Fruchteria © Marcus Simaitis

We start our pleasure tour north of the Saar. In the Nauwieser Viertel you will find the Fruchteria: In the store Andrea Dumont offers her homemade spreads, syrups, chutneys, relishes, barbecue and pasta sauces. She uses old recipes handed down from her grandmother, develops them further and constantly invents new ones. Sweet and savory, fresh and regional, classic and fancy are the order of the day. Are you curious about the spread of mango and rosemary or tomato and tonka bean? Come by and try it! The specialties are complemented by regional wines and spirits as well as vinegars and oils. There will also be matching decorative and utility articles on the subject of enjoyment.



In the Saar-Lor-deLuxe in the Nauwieser Viertel you will find high-quality and sustainable products from the Greater Region - i.e. from Saarland, Luxembourg, Lorraine and Rhineland-Palatinate © RVSBR/Jean M. Laffitau

Continue a little further southAt Saar-Lor-deLuxe you will find over 300 handpicked products in the sign of regional and sustainable nutrition. In addition to classic products from the region such as honey, oil, mustard, spreads and pasta, Saar-Lor-deLuxe also offers specialties. For example, Saarland lentils, Lorraine salts as well as pestos, spices or selected wines and spirits with the largest selection of regional gin varieties are on the shelves. All products are produced by small manufactories within a radius of max. 150 kilometers around the Saarland, mostly by hand. Overwhelmed by the large selection? Don't worry, the Saar-Lor-deLuxe team will be happy to advise you and, for example, also puts together terrific gift baskets.


Bread & Senses

Can you smell the aroma of freshly baked bread? Master baker Thilo Nast awaits you at Bread & Senses
Can you smell the aroma of freshly baked bread? At Bread & Senses, master baker Thilo Nast awaits you © Marcus Simaitis

The area around the centrally located St. Johanner Markt awaits with some culinary highlights. One of them is certainly "Bread & Senses": Here they still bake by hand! The baked goods from master baker Thilo Nast are fresh and fragrant. There are sweet or savory, only fresh ingredients are used and often old grain varieties such as emmer. In addition, there are all kinds of creatively composed sandwiches, baguettes, salads and drinks. You can take a break here and stop in or get everything "on the go".


Kalinski's Sausage Bar & Gin Bar

The name says it all: Here everything revolves around the sausage. Or rather: a simply good sausage. That is precisely the mission of Joseph Klein and Thilo Nast. Their promise: regional products from the Saarland, supraregional specialties from small specialist companies, home-made sauces. The range extends from the classic to the Alsatian-style curry sausage or with warm goat cheese. There is also a vegan sausage. And what can we say: you can taste the attention to detail and the quality of the ingredients used in every bite. If you like sausage, you should definitely make a stop here! Various beers, regional wines and an impressive range of over 50 types of gin from all over the world round out the culinary offerings.


Henry's ice cream factory

Ice cream is always good - especially when it comes from Henry's Eismanufaktur © YummyTravel/Jessica Niedergesäß

This highlight also lies at the St. Johanner Markt. But now it's getting sweet! And that's with artisan ice cream. The motto of the ice cream factory: An ice cream always goes! We can only agree. And recommend that you definitely plan a visit to Henry's. The sorbets are vegan and made from regional and seasonal fruits. Only whey products from the regional Bliesgau dairy are used for the milk ice cream. Attention, who wants to get hold of the most popular varieties, should be quick!


Black Hen roasting craft

In search after a really good coffee? Then you should definitely stop by Black Hen near Saarbrücken Castle. Espresso and much more is available here - of the highest quality, prepared with love and knowledge, and produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. What more could a Frahling lover's heart desire? Those who have acquired a taste for coffee can buy a wide selection of different coffees and roasts to take home.


Rimoco spice manufactory

At Rimoco there are over 160 spices and spice blends. All are mixed by hand!
At Rimoco there are over 160 spices and spice blends. All of them are mixed by hand! © Marcus Simaitis

No matter whether you are a passionate amateur cook If you're a chef or only occasionally wield a wooden spoon, it's definitely worth taking a detour to the Rimoco spice manufactory run by Richard Möcks and Ben Albuzat. On their many travels, they have come to know and appreciate the diversity of spice cuisines and have brought this experience home with them. Rimoco offers an impressive range of chilies, herbs, curries, spice blends, salts and peppers. The range includes over 160 products. They all have one thing in common: quality is a top priority and every single step in the production of the blends is done by hand.


Café ladder

At Café Steigleiter you can also get fine tarts, cakes, chocolates and chocolate © Katrin Steigleiter

The Café Steigleiter is more than a café: it is a third-generation family business known for the careful processing of regional products and exquisite raw materials. And for the competent and friendly staff! There is also much more than café and cake here: At the weekly "Stammessen" you can try Saarland home cooking from Grandma Gerdi's recipe book. Another unique feature is the chocolate living room of Michael Steigleiter, who, as a chocolate sommelier, knows all about sweet temptation.


ItalianDelight pasta factory

"Eat pasta, be happy!" is the motto of Tina Bonaffini-Caputo from the ItalianDelight pasta factory in the heart of Saarbrücken. And yes, we can confirm: This pasta makes you happy! With a passion for Italian origin, refined fresh pasta creations are created here. You have the choice: There is fresh pasta for home and there are also changing warm (pasta) dishes to take away at lunchtime. Everything is made from natural ingredients, mostly from organic farmers in the region. Insider tip: Be sure to try the Saarland ravioli with liver sausage, minced meat and potatoes, refined with caramelized apple and the acidity of sauerkraut.


Café Kostbar

Last but not least we return to the creative Nauwieser Viertel: Here, Café Kostbar invites you to spend cozy hours in a relaxed atmosphere. With fresh regional dishes and selected drinks, of course! In summer, the large inner courtyard under the linden trees makes you feel as if you were far away from the city. And in the cold season it gets really cozy inside at the wooden tables by candlelight. Here you can also experience special events such as movie nights with culinary accompaniment, exhibitions and wine tastings.

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Cover photo: A pleasure not only in terms of taste, but also aesthetically: the Rimoco spice manufactory © Marcus Simaitis

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