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Go on the hunt for exciting leisure and cultural activities together and discover Saarland with the whole family. Together with the Saarland Card, the short vacation becomes a discovery tour. Here's how:

1. choose hostel and set up camp for two nights
You book the FamilySafari with two overnight stays in one of the Saarland youth hostels and receive the Saarland Card for free admission to over 100 attractions and free ride by bus & train. Each of the five youth hostels specializes in relaxing family vacations and offers much more than just a roof over your head with numerous opportunities for play and recreation.

2. well equipped through the saarland leisure jungle
In addition to half board, the FamilySafari also includes a packed lunch per person. Family brochures and a Saarland bread box are also included as gifts for each family. So you can explore the Saarland well informed, sustainable and strengthened.

3. go on safari together
Discover the Saarland with the whole family and experience exciting adventures with the Saarland Card attractions.

4. collect stars and win
In your Saarland bread box you will also find the FamilySafari raffle ticket. Visit three Saarland Card attractions, get your stars punched out and maybe win your next family vacation.

The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks, the Schaumberg archery course, the Freisen Nature Wildlife Park, the Peterberg Leisure Center, the Velsen Adventure Mine and the Nohfelden Space Studio - we present six highlights that you can experience as part of the FamilySafari.


UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Völklingen Ironworks

Cultural monument worth seeing - the Völklingen Ironworks
A cultural monument worth seeing - the Völklingen Ironworks © Christian Walter

The only ironworks from the heyday of industrialization, which is completely preserved, is one of the most unusual UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For a visit to the Völklingen Ironworks After all, there is a lot to discover on the approximately 7-kilometer-long circular route with its impressive blast furnaces, the blower hall with its gigantic flywheels and the 70-meter-high gasometer. In the ScienceCenter Ferrodrom® you can try your hand at 100 exciting experimentation and hands-on stations. The Völklingen Ironworks has also made a name for itself as a stage for top-class exhibitions, concerts and events.

Take the train to Völklingen comfortably and without traffic jams: Plan arrival.


Schaumberg archery course in Tholey

Before going on the course, the handling of the bow and the accuracy of aim is practiced
Before going on the course, the handling of the bow and the accuracy of aim is practiced ©DK Bow-Factory/Peter Böhnel

Already thousands of years ago our ancestors strode through nature with bow and arrow in search of shelter and food. So maybe it's a primal instinct that makes us feel calm and concentrated when we're archery. And certainly the almost untouched nature in the Sankt Wendeler Land contributes to this. During your visit to the DK Bow Factory In Tholey, you can take a walk with your bow and arrow along the Schaumberg archery course. On the four-kilometer-long trail, you can take on more than 130 large and small 3D targets at 33 stations. And don't worry: Before you set out on the course with your family, you can attend a two-hour trial course and practice your aiming accuracy on the bow meadow. The DK Bow Factory is open all year round.

By train and bus comfortably to Tholey: Plan arrival.


Freisen Nature Wildlife Park

Goats, reindeer, storks and ibexes await you in the Freisen Nature Wildlife Park. In the open-air enclosure you have the opportunity to admire goats, fallow deer and red deer at close range. In the summer months you can see hawks, vultures, owls and eagle owls in an air show. The foxes and raccoons in the park are so tame and trusting that the latter may even be fed by hand in the company of an animal keeper. And the park is always coming up with special events, such as the Halloween special in October.

By train and bus comfortably to Freisen: Plan arrival.


Leisure center Peterberg

With a lot of momentum it goes downhill in the slide paradise of the leisure center Peterberg
With a lot of momentum it goes downhill in the slide paradise of the leisure center Peterberg © Marcus Simaitis

Undisputed highlight of the Leisure center is the exceptionally long summer toboggan run. After you have been transported by a modern lift system to the 584-meter-high mountain peak, you then go downhill rapidly at up to 40 kilometers per hour. Smaller children can ride down in twin bobs together with a parent. Four bungee trampolines, which allow safe jumps of up to 8 meters, are also very popular. The Druid Village theme playground is reminiscent of a Celtic village in terms of its appearance and construction, with a Druid castle in the center - a combined facility consisting of a tower, huts, bridges, ropes, nets and climbing ascents.


Adventure mine Velsen

The disused Velsen coal mine is located in the westernmost district of the state capital Saarbrücken
The disused Velsen coal mine is located in the westernmost district of the state capital Saarbrücken © Kevin Ehm

Not only look but also trying out is in the Adventure mine Velsen on the program. Coal mining machines, conveyor belts, electrical equipment, conveyor belts and pumping stations can be put into operation here under the supervision of experienced employees. A highlight is the conveyor belt, which is approved for belt rope rides and on which visitors may ride under supervision. You can get an authentic impression of the living conditions of miners in the neighboring miners' settlement in Ludweiler-Velsen. A guided tour lasts about 1.5 hours, please remember to wear sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing.


Space Studio Nohfelden

In the Apollo 13 space capsule you can feel like a real astronaut
In the Apollo 13 space capsule you can feel like a real astronaut ©Weltraum-Atelier Nohfelden/Sebastian Voltmer

Like a real astronaut you can feel in Mosberg-Richweiler. There, well camouflaged in a historic farm barn, lies your gateway to the stars, the Space Studio Nohfelden. Sit in the Apollo 13 space capsule and experience the flight back to Earth via headphones and on the monitor. Learn to better understand the universe in the exhibition, lose yourself in the award-winning, large-format celestial photographs by Saarland photographer Sebastian Voltmer and observe the starry sky through the museum's telescopes at night and in the small planetarium during the day. The Space Studio is an exciting place for the whole family and also an experience for people with hearing and visual impairments: the videos in the museum are translated into sign language and many exhibits can be experienced tactilely. 

By train and bus comfortably to Mosberg-Richweiler: Plan arrival.

From March 1 to November 21, 2022, you can go on a family safari again - it can already be booked for this period.

Cover image: Pure climbing fun at the new themed playground at the Peterberg leisure center ©Marcus Simaitis

In collaboration with Saarland Tourist Board

A third of our smallest federal state is covered in fragrant forests, so it's clear that hikers and other nature lovers rejoice here. Certainly also at the sight of the Saar Loop, with which the river makes an elegant U-turn at Mettlach and is a bestseller on Instagram. The fact that savoir vivre plays a leading role alongside lots of sun and culture has also been noticed by Michelin testers - their starry skies sparkle over seven restaurants here. Our tips for your Vacation in Saarland.

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