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A dream in white ... and yellow. With Welfenspeise, the "noble" dessert from Hanover, it's all about the right color combination. And that the two layers of the creamy dessert are correctly proportioned. How this is done and where the Lower Saxon specialty originated, we tell you in our article including recipe video: 

The preparation of the Welfenspeise is quite easy - we show how it's done!

The dessert with the title of nobility was invented by a chef from Hanover. The dessert made its debut at the 200th anniversary of the throne of the House of Guelph, Europe's oldest dynasty of princes. The dessert is a two-layer cream consisting of a white, wonderfully sweet vanilla cream and a yellow, slightly sour and frothy wine cream. The reason for the two-layered play of colors was not pure visual appeal - even if it is still convincing in the dessert glass, of course. Rather, the white-yellow dessert was intended to recall the colors of the noble house: King Ernst August designated yellow/white as the official national colors of the Kingdom of Hanover in 1837. 

White or yellow - the fine wine dessert would probably not still be a classic in Lower Saxony cuisine - in the restaurants around Hanover it is one of the most popular desserts - if it did not also taste great. And it does: Especially on warm days you can treat yourself to a somewhat larger portion of the airy and cold cream! And even after a hearty and warm main meal in the winter months, the vanilla-wine cream comes as a welcome change. 

By the way, the Welfenspeise is not only suitable because of its name as a crowning conclusion of a (festive) meal. Beautifully arranged in (long-stemmed) dessert glasses and decorated with almond slivers, pistachios or fresh berries, it makes quite an impression. Nobody needs to know that the creamy dessert contains only a few basic ingredients and can be prepared quickly. The only tricky part is portioning, because the two layers should each fill half of the glass - in keeping with the Guelph flag, which consists of equal parts white and yellow. By the way, since it is chilled in the refrigerator for about an hour, the Welfenspeise is easy to prepare. Another reason to serve up Hanover's favorite dessert when guests are coming or the main course needs to be cooked just right. 

And if you want to read again, you will reach here To the recipe.

By the way, the noble family of the Guelphs has not only immortalized itself in culinary terms in Hanover and the region. Many important cultural treasures such as the baroque Herrenhäuser Gardens (they are among the most beautiful parks in Europe!) and Marienburg Castle (one of the most important neo-Gothic architectural monuments in Germany!) are also among the legacies of the royal house.

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Cover photo: In Hanover, the Welfenspeise is served not only, but especially at festive affairs © Anna Carneiro/Cross Media Redaktion

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