The area in northern Lower Saxony is known for its heath blossoms in late summer. But even beyond this natural spectacle, the outdoor paradise with two nature parks, rolling hills, mixed forests, moors and watercourses has many charms.

Wilseder Berg, the highest elevation of the Lüneburg Heath

Wilseder Berg, Pietzmoor, Totengrund - the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

The fifth season is purple, at least in the Lüneburg Heath, where you will find the largest contiguous area of heath in Europe. On the nutrient-poor, sandy soils, the broom heather literally blossoms: according to the usual rule of thumb, from August 8 to September 9 (the "Flower Barometer" informs when exactly the time is). On a hike around the Wilseder Berg, at 169 meters the highest elevation, the purple wonder can be enjoyed with every step. Tip: Refresh yourself beforehand in one of the cozy cafés in the car-free village of Wilsede, with its many thatched-roof houses and the "Dat ole Huus" heath museum, which looks as if it has fallen out of time. Then it's time to get going - or get on the saddle, because the bike path network of around 2,000 kilometers is ideal for covering short or long distances by mountain bike, e-bike or leisurely by bicycle.

Beautiful views offers the circumnavigation of the "Totengrund". Don't be put off by the name, because this valley basin is extremely lively, especially at its prime, when the spot, bathed entirely in purple, turns into an Instagram star. Yet this fairy-tale piece of earth, located in the triangle between Hamburg, Bremen, and HanoverThe fog is also an eye-catcher in the other seasons. In winter, for example, the fog cloaks the landscape in a mystical veil. By the way: The area around the Totengrund was already placed under nature protection in 1921, as the first region in Germany.

As a nice day trip in the northern heath offers a combination of Totengrund and Steingrund. The latter shows the typical heath look with dark green juniper bushes, bee fences and heath sheep. Start from the visitor parking lots in Niederhaverbeck or Oberhaverbeck: A narrow sandy path leads along the heights, from up there you will always catch gigantically beautiful views of the northern natural beauty.

Fancy a ride in a horse-drawn carriage? Just like in the old days, the Heidekutscher will chauffeur you through picturesque nature. The lines of the local poet Hermann Löns from 1911 are fitting: "On the Lüneburg Heath /In the beautiful country /I went up and down /Allelei am Weg ich fand." Speaking of which, the boulders known as erratics catch the eye everywhere here. The name Steingrund also comes from the remnants of the Ice Age. Tip: Enjoy the extensive panorama from a bird's eye view and climb the Turmberg near Oberhaverbeck.

Müden, Lüßwald and Wietzer Berg - the southern heath

Not to be missed also Müden an der Örtze: The village looks like it used to, almost like an open-air museum. So just walk in amazement through the cobblestone streets with their half-timbered houses and old farms, with small bridges over small rivers and old farms. There is even a water mill.

But tired is much more than just a backdrop. There is also a wildlife park and the possibility of canoeing on the Örtze. The award-winning Heidschnuckenweg leads along the river, which you can follow for seven kilometers to Faßberg for the next stage.
The varied landscape with its well-marked hiking and biking trails is made for exercise in the fresh air. As a stop for a break, the Wietzer Berg is recommended with wonderful views of the romantic Örze valley - and the deep forests in the distance.

Like a jungle looks the Lüßwald in the nature park Südheide. The area of about 7500 hectares is one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Germany and was already mentioned in the 13th century. This old, extensive reserve provides a habitat for numerous animals and plants. For example, over 100-year-old Douglas firs, beeches, oaks and spruces grow here - the perfect oasis for black storks, pygmy owls, deer and roe deer. Want to learn more about this primeval forest in the middle of Lower Saxony? There is a forest adventure trail as well as the bicycle theme tour "Forest as far as the eye can see".

Cover photo: Simply magical - the Lüneburg Heath in the light of the rising sun, here near Undeloh © Lüneburger Heide GmbH 

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