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The large parks are blooming and fragrant, butterflies hover around, and a sea of rhododendron blossoms runs through the magnificent greenery. Not far from the town center lies the pearl of the Ammerland, the Zwischenahner Meer - and the town and the surrounding region have so much more to offer. Here are five highlights for a vacation in Bad Zwischenahn.

Bad Zwischenahn

See, hear, smell, feel and taste - in Bad Zwischenahn, all the senses come into their own. Guests can't get enough of the glitter of the Zwischenahn Sea and the picturesque sunsets. They enjoy the chirping of birds in the spa park or in the Kayhauser Moor, smell with pleasure the mixture of mown grass, forest and meadows, the fragrant blossoms in the spa park. Feel the pleasant warmth of a moor bath or a moor stamp massage in a rehabilitation or wellness facility. And taste with pleasure the good local cuisine, from Ammerland ham to eel straight from the smokehouse.

Who is looking for inspiration for a vacation in Bad Zwischenahn or simply to enjoy the anticipation of the vacations, you will find a lot of nice things on the online site #meervorfreude. Small audios convey the Zwischenahn sounds of the sea or local voices, videos guide you through park landscapes and report on great events, you can learn the "Teetid" (tea time) in six steps and much more. Pure longing. More info can be found here.


Guided tours in Bad Zwischenahn - for nature lovers, culture fans & Co.

Those who love the place and the beautiful surroundings If you don't want to explore on your own, but with a knowledgeable guide, you'll find a wide range of options. Certified guides lead you on foot or by bike through the town, the parklands and the surrounding region and tell you a lot about the history and secrets of Bad Zwischenahn. The palette ranges from informative strolls through the town for large and small groups to adventure bike tours, church tours and forest bathing. Of course, the current distance and hygiene rules always apply.

There are also very special offers. During the "day cure with a guide", for example, participants learn everything about the local cure system over a cup of spa tea and pastries. You can explore the farms in the area under guidance, whiz along the lakeshore on a Segway or experience the moor. Those who like it more comfortable simply book a bus tour. And a virtual guided tour of Bad Zwischenahn brings the vacation atmosphere straight home to you. More about this can be found here.


Park of gardens - from rhododendron to jazz

More than 2000 species of rhododendrons and varieties unfold an unforgettable blossoming magic, barrier-free paths lead through wonderfully fragrant greenery and over 40 model gardens provide ideas and inspiration - "Park der Gärten" is the name of Germany's largest model garden complex. In the heart of the park landscape of the Ammerland region, the magnificent, approximately 14-hectare facility on the grounds of the first Lower Saxony State Garden Show (2002) offers fascinating insights into garden culture. Visitors can discover and experience more than 90 independent areas here, such as theme gardens, plant assortments and nature trails.

While some events and guided tours in the park have to be cancelled due to Corona, other events provide glamorous highlights. First and foremost, the "Illumination - Special 2020", where thousands of light sources provide atmospheric and colorful summer evenings. The gastronomy in the Glashaus restaurant offers drinks and snacks in the evenings. The gardens also provide a splendid setting for the "Kultur auf Lücke" program of events - ranging from mystery readings with music to cool jazz by the Götz Alsmann Band. More info here.


Vacation active - cycling and water sports in Bad Zwischenahn

Bad Zwischenahn and the beautiful surrounding countryside present themselves as a great destination for active vacationers. The Ammerland parkland, for example, with its flat and scenic routes, is a designated top region for cyclists! Most of the approximately 340 kilometers of cycling paths are well developed and have no ascents. Guided adventure tours with titles like "The School of Trees" pass through beautiful landscapes. The circular tour around the Zwischenahner Meer is particularly popular, and there are many other themed routes ranging from 30 to 65 kilometers in length, such as the Ammerland Mill Tour or the enchanting Aueweg. With the tour planner, the excursions can also be planned individually on the computer, downloaded as a GPS track or printed out. And there is no shortage of bike rental stations on site - more tips and information are available at here.

Alternative programs wanted? Then it's off to the water, whether for swimming, sailing, surfing or stand-up paddling. The Zwischenahner Meer with its 550 hectares of water, four bathing spots and good wind conditions offers the best conditions for water sports enthusiasts. For example, it is one of the more challenging sailing areas in northern Germany, and recreational captains can also go pedal boating, electric boating or rowing, for example from the pier in the spa park. By the way, in the months of October to March inclusive, there is a winter sailing ban to protect waterfowl and nature. Tips for sailing and more are available here.


From eel to ham - Ammerland specialties

Eating well is in Bad Zwischenahn and throughout the Ammerland program, there are quite a few specialties. The Ammerland ham, for example, which has been produced for several generations in the traditional artisan way and (like its famous colleague from Parma) is protected throughout the EU. The first-class raw material and gentle salting by hand give it its mildness and tenderness, while its specific bacon content also ensures its unmistakable aroma. Simply delicious.

To the Ammerland delicacies is also the smoked eel, as it is called here. It is eaten quite simply with the hands: Peel the skin from the tail and nibble the meat from the bone. Afterwards, the fingers are washed with grain so that they no longer smell of fish. Those who prefer to feel the liquor on their tongues will appreciate the spoon drink, sipped from a tin spoon in memory of old times. It should always be preceded by a celebratory toast. You can find out more about food, for example, at the Culinary walk in 7 gears.


Walks and favorite places in Bad Zwischenahn

How about first with a leisurely stroll through the beautiful town? A popular starting point for a walk is the ferry pier of the "White Fleet" with its excursion ships in the beautiful spa park. Continue on to the open-air museum with the Ammerland farmhouse, which provides insights into rural life culture around 1700. Climbing enthusiasts then climb 180 steps to the water tower with a unique panoramic view. And the churches of St. Marien and St. Johannes, the market square and the colorful shopping street are further highlights.

Later perhaps the green nature beckons all around, to be explored on beautiful walks such as the Zwischenahner Meerweg, a stalk through forest and meadows or on the tour from mill to mill. On foot you can also get to many of the favorite places of locals and vacationers, such as beautiful boardwalks in the Zwischenahner Meer or small parks and bodies of water. In the evening, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets over the lake - for example from the Old Kurhaus with a cool glass of wine in your hand. More info here.

For beginners - Bad Zwischenahn to get to know

If you want to get a taste of Bad Zwischenahn's vacation world, you can and would like to get to know the local highlights in a package, the all-inclusive program is ideal. In addition to two nights with breakfast, it includes, among other things, a lake cruise on the Zwischenahner Meer and a traditional meal (for example, Smoortaal) including an original Ammerland spoon drink in the rustic Spieker restaurant. Who would like to improve then still the vacation cash something, for which a visit of the gaming house in the hunt house Eiden is exactly correct! More information about the package can be found at here.

Cover picture: The pearl of the Ammerland, the Zwischenahner Meer © Bad Zwischenahner Touristik GmbH

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