The best thing to do is to get ready for it: If you're interested in Papenburg's history and its current attractions, you should have a soft spot for ships. The city on the Ems has a particularly intimate relationship with them.

By train to Papenburg: Plan arrival

Maybe you already start your trip to Papenburg with a ladies visit. For these purposes the Friederike from Papenburg finely dressed - as befits a landmark. The Friederike, just to avoid any misunderstandings right from the start, is a famous museum ship - a replica of a wooden brig that anchored forever in the city's main canal right in front of Papenburg's city hall. If this has whetted your appetite for ships - in this case, new ones! - will be delighted with a visit to the Meyer Werft shipyard. Professional guided tours can be booked at the huge shipyard, where ships from the AIDA series, for example, are also built. 

And to make the water theme complete, it should be mentioned that also the Van Velen plant is worth a visit: the open-air museum is named after the town's founder, Dietrich von Velen, and vividly recounts the life and daily routine of Papenburg's first settlers - which, surprise surprise, mainly took place on boats. But don't worry, not everything here revolves around ships. There are over 150 kilometers of beautiful bike paths in Papenburg and the surrounding area. In addition, seven supra-regional cycling routes also cross here. The golf course on the Aschendorf estate and the "Papenburg Aktiv-Bossel-Arrangement" provide further options for spending a day or two away from the water. But as it is in Papenburg: In the end, Friederike and her friends always win ...

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