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Like a love affair, Wilhelmshaven is intimately connected with the adjacent sea. The North Sea city combines vibrant city life and maritime flair - tradition meets the future everywhere. A lively mix with gripping contrasts and plenty of water fun.


Wilhelmshaveners carry the "Haven" in their hearts - when asked about their favorite places in the city, the South Beach, the harbor or the quay are sure to be mentioned again and again. And that's not surprising, after all, almost everything in Wilhelmshaven revolves around water. It determines the daily routine, serves as a haven of peace and determines the leisure time of many locals. It is simply impossible to imagine Wilhelmshaven without water.

South Beach Highlight: You should experience the south beach promenade, which invites you to swim and stroll. Together with the Bontekai, the south beach forms the "Maritime Mile", which includes five worlds of experience: the Coastal Museum, the Aquarium, the German Naval Museum, the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea Visitor Center and the starting point for the harbor tours with the MS Harle Kurier.

A real eye-catcher, moreover landmark of the city and national monument is the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge. It connects the southern city with the southern beach and is one of the top excursion destinations in the region. The KW Bridge (as it likes to be called) is truly remarkable: a double swing bridge that opens up for large ships. A spectacular sight, the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge, with its length of 159 meters and its over 440 tons of steel, is an imposing structure even when at rest.

The view of the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge from Bontekai is particularly beautiful. Here you can stroll directly along the Great Port and enjoy the view. From time to time, some traditional ships stop in Wilhelmshaven. And at the Open Ship, guests are even allowed to take a look behind the scenes.

If you want to see the really big ships, take a trip to the JadeWeserPort. The EUROGATE Container Terminal in Wilhelmshaven went into operation in 2012, and since then ships of up to 430 meters in length and drafts of up to 16.5 meters have been calling here - the deep-water port is unique in Germany and is also tide-independent. Hands-on experience is expressly permitted in the interactive exhibition at the JadeWeserPort InfoCenter. With a shipping simulator, a container scanner and a marble run, interested visitors can learn all about the port industry.

The theme of water continues, even through the cultural sphere. The popular Pumpwerk cultural center, a former sewage plant, delights visitors with a colorful program - thanks to the unique industrial architecture in a special ambience. In addition, many maritime events attract guests from all over the world to Wilhelmshaven.

And also for those who need a breather after all that sightseeing, is right at home in Wilhelmshaven. The clear North Sea air and the Wadden Sea are the best combination for pure relaxation. In a short time, you can reach the dike line, which is about seven kilometers long - enough space to be by yourself for a while and leave the stress of everyday life behind. The sky seems bigger here, the sound of the waves calms and a short walk through the mudflats invigorates. It's really hard to escape the love between city and sea!

Cover photo: In Wilhelmshaven, maritime flair meets vibrant city life © Rainer Ganske