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The picturesque three-river town has a lot to offer: more than 700 half-timbered houses and buildings from the Weser Renaissance, a nature park and a ski jump that ski jumpers can do nothing with.

Hann. Münden

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SUP on the Werra

First the simple key data: The Werra is one of the two main source rivers of the Weser; an idyllic body of water that you can navigate with all kinds of equipment or where you can just sit by the water and let the good Lord be a good man. This is what favorite places look like. Trips by canoe or rowing boat are especially popular, but the scenic highlights along the Werra can also be easily explored from a rubber dinghy. However, the people at Flux have another idea: they rent out stand-up paddle boards to their guests and first send them out to sea - probably in the hope that such activities will make them happy and hungry. Then the kitchen of the excellent organic restaurant in Hann. Münden takes over: Unpretentious, natural, simple and honest is the motto here. Almost all the ingredients come from organically controlled cultivation. The ambience of this really fine place also matches these qualities: simplicity and sophistication. Conclusion: favorite places can also look like this. More info here.



Not so easy to take a reasonable overview photo in some places. Fortunately, that's no problem in Hann. Münden. Ten out of ten people who know the area and are asked about the perfect vantage point in Hann. Münden will answer spontaneously: Tillyschanze! This is a 25 meter high observation tower on a hill in the idyllic Reinhardswald. From up here, the already picturesque old town of the city in Lower Saxony looks twice as romantic. And climbing the tower also has a fine side effect: The climb to the Tillyschanze through the Reinhardswald forest decelerates and creates needs that are happily satisfied in the Tillyschanze forest restaurant. Amusing fact: The Tillyschanze belongs to Lower Saxony, but the forest inn a few meters away belongs to Hesse.


Crooked deals

One of the most beautiful places in Hann. Münden is undoubtedly the Sydekumstraße, which at first glance looks as if no modern master builder has laid a hand here for several centuries: The Sydekumstrasse runs parallel to the Werra and is called the Sydekumstrasse because of its nostalgic half-timbered building is also often referred to as the most romantic street in the city. The fact that the small street with its historic half-timbered buildings seems so out of time is also due to the fact that individual houses are already leaning precariously and making a crooked hump - but don't worry, the city's structural engineers still have everything under control. For Barbara Brübach of Typografisches Atelier Fette Typen, a small workshop here, Sydekumstrasse is definitely her personal favorite place. From her studio, she can step through a door in the city wall of Hann. Münden (!) right into the garden in front of the river. It doesn't get any more picturesque than this!

Picturesque half-timbered buildings as far as the eye can see can be found in Sydekumstraße © Hann. Münden Marketing GmbH, Photo: Max Wiesenbach
Picturesque half-timbered buildings as far as the eye can see © Hann. Münden Marketing GmbH, Photo: Max Wiesenbach

Off to the Schlagd

The fact that Münden soon became one of the most prosperous towns in Lower Saxony after its founding in the 12th century is also due to its convenient location on no less than three waterways: Werra, Fulda and Weser ensured that the town became an important trading center in the region. What remains from these times are the so-called "Schlagden", the landing stages for boats along the river banks. In order to integrate these landing stages more into the urban landscape, Hann.Münden has designed the Dielengraben along the Werra to create a continuous river promenade, a real promenade. Not only for Julia Chwoika a good decision. For the owner of the concept store "Herz über Kopf" in Hann. Münden's Burgstraße, the Dielengraben is "the place to be" in the city and also her personal favorite place: "Not only is it a wonderful place to stroll along and take a look at the Werra bridge, but it's also a place where nice events regularly take place. Like the Dielengrabenfest, where I have already danced barefoot in the rain..." Who wants to enjoy the Dielengraben - gladly also with firm footwear - also on other occasions, can do this also still at the wine festival or on the ceramic market - something is always!"

A philosopher once said that strolling is a kind of reading the street, and we can only agree with him: With such a reading in real time, even the supposedly inconspicuous places have a chance to be perceived appropriately. In addition, there is the huge offer of forest and hiking trails outside the city limits of Hann. Münden - they must not be forgotten either. What do we learn from this: With plenty of time and leisure, a date with Hann. Münden becomes even more beautiful.

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