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Lively city center, exciting history and many green oases: Braunschweig offers visitors the combined advantages of a traditional and modern city of culture, an attractive shopping metropolis and varied recreation. Here are the best tips for the perfect weekend trip through the Lion City.

Friday afternoon: Civic Park or Municipal Museum?

You arrived by train at Braunschweig's main station? From there, the southeastern edge of the inner city, two destinations are worthwhile for the start of the weekend, which can be reached with a short walk. If you're in the mood for greenery and relaxation, head west to Bürgerpark, one of the city's oldest and largest parks and a cultural monument, through which the Oker River also flows.

If you want to know more about your weekend destination, it's worth taking a short walk north to the Städtisches Museum, founded in 1861, with its impressive atrium. Since the development of the city by Henry the Lion in the 12th century, Braunschweig has been shaped above all by the Guelphs and the Hanseatic League, and you'll find a large collection on the city's art and cultural history in the museum. Until the end of September, there is also a current focus exhibition entitled "In the Light of the Medici - Baroque Art from Florence".

The perfect weekend also includes a stroll through the old town © Braunschweig Stadtmarketing
The perfect weekend also includes a stroll through the old town © Braunschweig Stadtmarketing

Friday evening: Magniviertel and Happy Rizzi House

Quite clearly: Now a summer evening is in the Magni Quarter right in the heart of the city. Around the Magnikirchplatz, the many lovingly restored historic half-timbered houses with their quaint charm are a delight. The Magnikirche itself is documented to have been mentioned for the first time in 1031 and, at almost 1000 years old, is also the oldest building in "Brunesguik"!

A perfect modern counterpoint to the historic look and a "must see" is the Happy Rizzi Haus am Ackerhof with its brightly colored pop art facades of happy faces, hearts, eyes, stars, birds and more - named after US artist James Rizzi, who designed the house. If you're in the mood for a nice drink afterward, you'll find one at the Old Town Meeting young audience, in Barnaby's Blues Bar rather Ü35 guests and in the Riptide a day-evening café with exquisite music selection, recommended also by the trade magazine "Rolling Stone"!

Saturday during the day: Shopping!

After a good breakfast, it's off to the city center on a shopping tour: The Oker River circles the core of Braunschweig's city center, and it's just two kilometers from one side to the other - and right in between, many stores and restaurants invite you to browse and enjoy. Local souvenirs such as the "Honey of the Oker Bees" or original key boards are available right in the heart of the city at the "Heimatrausch". There is also a lot to discover next door in Braunschweig Castle, especially since the historic building is coupled with the large "Schloss-Arkaden" shopping center. You can chill out on the roof of the parking garage in Steinstraße: On the soldekk - Norwegian for sun deck - you can enjoy cocktails, food and coffee in comfortable lounge furniture, with a wide view over the city, all the way to the Harz mountains.

Saturday evening: "Light course" at the river Oker

In the truest sense of the word: the highlight of the weekend! When dusk and evening fall over Braunschweig, the Oker and its 24 inner-city bridges are transformed into a paradise of illuminations until October 9. With the meanwhile already 5th "Light course"In the water and on the shore you will find a total of 19 luminous exhibits with spectacular light paintings and landscapes, conceived and designed by internationally renowned artists. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a half-sunken car or a UFO will appear in front of you! The experience is especially intense during a guided raft tripwhere you can learn a lot about the nature of the individual installations. The "Discover Braunschweig" app also provides expert guidance for discovering the shining works of art on your own by walking or cycling along the riverbank. All information on events and guided tours around the light trail can be found at here.

Sunday morning: Classical Art at HAUM

After a lot of modern art, music and mega light shows, Sunday belongs to classical art. A whopping 190,000 works from 3,000 years of art history will be on display at the HAUM - the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum. Only recently renovated, it offers insights into bygone eras of city, country and mankind on three floors in magnificent rooms.

Sunday afternoon: On to the lion at the castle square

To conclude the Braunschweig weekend, we recommend a walk across the Burgplatz - with Dankwarderode Castle, the cathedral and an impressive monument to the Lion of Braunschweig, which has been "roaring" there since 1166. It is the best place in the city to get an idea of the force and dominance with which Henry the Lion chose and built Brunswick into the center of Guelph power at this very spot. During the Christmas season, you will find one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in northern Germany on Burgplatz, and in the summer there are often small and large performances, also by street artists. Afterwards, it's time to head home with the - we're sure - lasting feeling: Well roared, lion!

Cover photo: Around 250,000 people live in Braunschweig © Braunschweig Stadtmarketing