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Watching the waves with a cool drink and relaxing music - you don't have to jet halfway around the world to do that. You can also do that in a charming beach bar on the Baltic coast. And in the state capital Schwerin or the Mecklenburg Lake District, too, there are chilled-out bars with flair..

Baltic Sea Lounge Boltenhagen

Deck Heiligendamm

Beachhouse Kühlungsborn

Beach bar Müritz-West

Beach bar 28

Surfbar 8Q

Barracuda Beach

Sky Beach


Salsa in the sand: Ostsee Lounge Boltenhagen

Guitar sounds flicker across the warm sand, bongo drums, the bass kicks in. Dancing couples whirl across the beach in four-four time. What sounds like somewhere in South America is a Sunday afternoon on the beach of Boltenhagen. In July and August, the salsa group around dance instructor Rasoul is here every Sunday, teaching merengue and bachata to the guests of the Baltic seaside resort at the free open-air dance course - and spreading plenty of good cheer along the way. The right cocktails are also available, because the dancing takes place in the sand directly in front of the Ostsee Lounge at the pier in Boltenhagen.

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Club sounds with a view: Deck Heiligendamm

Sun sails are stretched over the terrace, colorful fairy lights sway in the gentle Baltic Sea breeze. Behind the mixing desk, the DJ bobs and mixes house and electro sounds. As the sun slowly sinks into the sea, the mood on the terrace of the Deck in Heiligendamm rises. The beach bar is located directly on the cliffs and yet cozily hidden in the forest. In the past, ice cream and bockwurst were sold from a window here. Ten years ago, the transformation of the unadorned beach kiosk into a casually stylish beach bar with international flair began. During the summer, parties with DJs are held here regularly, but the sunset is a real spectacle here on almost every 'normal' day of the week.

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Gourmet burger on the Baltic Sea beach: Beachhouse Kühlungsborn

The best view of the hustle and bustle on the beach in Kühlungsborn is here - and the best burgers far and wide: The white-painted Beachhouse is located directly on the beach promenade, chic and yet also pleasantly unagitated it goes here. The menu, which includes Angus beef gourmet burgers as well as classics such as fish sandwiches and Soljanka, is in keeping with this. And so young families, cozy retirees and cool surfers sit side by side on the terrace here - and look equally content. DJs play from time to time, and there's regular guitar music and campfires on the beach - and, for a change, shanty music.

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The bar in the beach chair: Strandbar Müritz-West

It looks a bit like it's keeping a watchful eye on its little siblings - the oversized beach chair standing in the sand next to the pier in Graal-Müritz. In front of it, children romp across the wide beach and through the shallow water's edge, while their parents watch them relax, leaning back from their deck chairs. With a cold beer or a fruity cocktail, because a well-stocked bar has moved into the giant beach chair. Ice cream and all kinds of non-alcoholic beverages are also available, after all, the beach here is especially popular with families.

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The video shows the beautiful atmosphere in the beach bars:


Balmy nights on Rügen: Beach bar 28 in Binz

At Rügen chilling is best done here: In the beach bar at beach exit 28 in Binz not only serves cold drinks and hot snacks, guests can also rent water sports equipment or beach chairs here. And DJs are always playing, sometimes chillout sounds for the sunset, sometimes house and electro for the full-moon party.

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Surfer meeting on Usedom: Surfbar 8Q in Zinnowitz

Surfing during the day, dancing barefoot in the sand in the evening - this is possible on Usedom in the surf bar 8Q, named after the corresponding beach entrance. Not far from the pier, a hotspot for surfers has developed here. And the surfing and sailing school was joined a few years ago by the bar built into an old fishing boat. Last but not least, the summer beach parties with live music make it a rounded affair.

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Beach life inland: Barracuda Beach in Neustadt-Glewe

No sea in sight, but in this ambience Lake Neustadt becomes a tropical body of water. Fine sandy beach, palm trees, water: it's all there. The Barracuda Beach Bar is part of a leisure area with camping, beach volleyball and beach soccer courts. The events in the bar are as colorful as the clientele: sometimes live music is on the program, sometimes electro, and the right drinks are always served. And the fact that there are around 50 types of rum to choose from naturally adds to the Caribbean feeling.

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Sand under your feet, view over the rooftops: Sky Beach in Schwerin

Spending a summer day at the beach, in the middle of Schwerin and with a top view over the roofs of the state capital: tons of sand turn the top deck of a parking garage into a veritable beach. The Sky Beach Club offers cocktails and concerts, and a solid selection of hot snacks is also on the menu. And when the sun sets over Schwerin, the beach day in the city comes to a relaxed end here to casual house and electro sounds.

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Cover photo: Postcard sunsets like this one can be found on the Baltic Sea almost every evening and without any jetlag © TMV/Tiemann

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