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Paddling, houseboat trips and hiking through the national park: the Mecklenburg Lake District with its approximately 1,000 bodies of water is a treat for body, mind and soul even in the cool season.

I wonder who counted them all? The Mecklenburg Lake District, it is always said, consists of a thousand large and small bodies of water, lakes, ponds and natural pools of every shape and color. An irresistible spectacle for all those who love to spend their vacations on the water. Which, contrary to popular belief, is by no means limited to the warm summer months. Also in autumn and even in winter you can enjoy in the Mecklenburg Lake District experience the most beautiful downtime. And no, we don't just mean a short, hard swimming session in a wetsuit for diehards.

Anyone who has ever glided by canoe across a picturesque lake in the early morning through the poetic fog, past reed banks and water lilies, and through a silence broken only by the sounds of hunting birds and the gentle bow waves on the boat, knows how exhilarating such a tour on the water can be - and how good it is for body and soul. If you would like to treat yourself to this experience more often, you can enjoy the magical glide over the Mecklenburg Lake District also extend to autumn and winter. And for example on the Müritz a Houseboat rent, for a one or two week individual Schipper cruise.

Also great in autumn: with the canoe in the Feldberger Seenlandschaft ©TMV / Roth

Silent cruising over autumn lakes

On the Mecklenburg Lake Districte offers a wide variety of high-performance and comfortable and cozy Houseboats to choose from, which can also be booked in winter. You don't have to be a polar bear insensitive to cold to do this: We're talking about boats with two heaters, as well as air conditioning and solar panels, which allow the captain and his "crew" to remain completely independent for several days without having to head to a port even once. And don't worry: you don't have to have studied rocket science to master a lock now and then. Not even a driver's license is required for such a Houseboat required. A short introduction at the handover of the boat is quite enough to successfully stand at the helm on board.

Close to the water - canoe trips lasting several days

An extended tour by canoe on the numerous small and large lakes of the region is certainly one of the most delightful possibilities the Mecklenburg Lake District to explore. When the riparian forest glows in vibrant autumn colors, migratory birds fly across the sky and the sun is lower again, you will find peace and relaxation on the water amidst the unspoiled nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The mostly mild current makes it easy for beginners to find their way around. The different tours present themselves extremely varied: Your canoes glide over lakes, through tree trellises, along narrow streams and even on a lorry over rails with which the boats are transported, because a particularly protected part cannot be driven on and is also too flat. In this way almost 800 m are bridged. Among the most beautiful canoeing areas are the Mecklenburgische Kleinseenplatte, the Feldberg lake landscape and the rivers Warnow and Peene. Especially recommended in the fall is the Havelquelltour from the national park village Kratzeburg. There you can also go directly with the train (RE) and then up to the Canoe rental station walk. On the way there are numerous public rest and bivouac places at your disposal. The day tour runs through the national park to Blankenförde. Back is shuttled. But also smaller tours are possible. Many canoe rental companies offer complete equipment, including shuttle service and expert instruction.

Autumn idyll on the water - with the canoe over the Mecklenburgische Kleinseenplatte © 1000seen.de/Christin Druehl

Princely sleep in Renaissance castle

But not everyone appreciates the prospect of spending seven days at a stretch on the water. For people with a spirit of discovery, the region of the Mecklenburg Lake District also a lot of fine excursion possibilities on land. At Müritz National Park for example, a real paradise for hikers and cyclists. The NaturErlebnisZentrum Müritzeum in Waren was only inaugurated in 2007 as the "House of 1000 Lakes" and is an architecturally impressive museum - and with its huge freshwater aquarium, a great attraction for younger guests as well. Even castles and palaces are to be found in the area of the Mecklenburg Lake District not a rarity. One of the highlights: the delightful Renaissance castle Gut Ulrichshusen, located between Waren and Teterow, which you can not only visit but also spend the night in.

Tip: Many sights around the largest inland lake of the republic, the Müritz, are easy to reach thanks to the bus offer of "MÜRITZ rundum" - the free public transport for guest card holders.

Cover image: ©1000seen.de/Kerstin Zegenhagen

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