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Houseboats are ideal accommodations for those who like to travel comfortably on the water. In the Mecklenburg Lake District, this is even allowed without a driver's license. After a briefing, you can set off and experience adventure. The best thing is that you are completely on your own and yet in the middle of nature.

The youngest has cast out his fishing rod and has been standing motionless on the terrace of our floating vacation home for a quarter of an hour now. The two girls are just coming back from their little lake tour with the SUP boards. Slowly it's time for the sundowner and dinner. But we still enjoy lazing around. It's nice to discover slowness again, to let time be time. Just like the gray heron over there on the stone on the shore - he seems to have lost his cool. From the hammock, I watch the willow branches swaying gently in the wind and the grebe family practicing formation swimming right by the boat. Family vacation in the Mecklenburg Lake District - that's exactly what we had imagined: great freedom, small adventures. For one week we rented a Bunbo at Yachtcharter Römer in the harbor village Müritz. 

This is how you get to Rechlin by train and bus to the harbor village: Plan arrival.

We already feel like real captains

A bunbo? Yes, that's right - it sounds like an exotic species of monkey or an unknown recreational fun device. But it is simply a floating vacation home - a so-called bungalow boat. And you can even drive it here without a driver's license, because it's not so fast. We only sail through the lakes and canals at about ten kilometers per hour. And it's not all that difficult: after the first cast off and docking at the jetty and one or two lock maneuvers, we almost feel like real captains. The commands are right, the fun has begun.

From the Müritz we chugged towards the Kleinseenplatte, because we wanted to experience these small lakes, many of which are interconnected, from the water. And with a wooden raft like the "Tante Frieda" you really don't miss anything on the way: bathroom, toilet, small kitchen, cozy bunk and a hammock on deck, everything is available. We sail for a few hours every day, but then we soon anchor somewhere in a small bay - to go swimming, stand-up paddling or simply to do nothing at all. Most of the time. Sometimes we dock, take the bikes and explore the area. 

A bird concert for coffee

We love this region with its densely wooded shores, its small towns, with the meadows, side channels and small marinas. Already from the first day, only our spontaneous decisions determine the pace and route of the trip. In the evening we listen to the calls of the owls, while "Aunt Frieda" gently lulls us to sleep. And in the morning there's a bird concert for the first coffee. 

During breakfast on the deck, cranes fly close to us - an unforgettable nature experience, especially for the children. The question "What are we doing today?" generally doesn't even come up. Just read in the hammock, sunbathe, fish or look up at the sky. The water is warm, the kids often bathe half the day. In the evening, we cook a big pot of pasta or we fry fresh fish and almost always eat outside. Then we sit together until the sun goes down. Do we want to play another round of "Elfer raus!" afterwards? Or would we rather go straight to sleep - so that we definitely don't miss the bird concert tomorrow morning? 

Cover picture: On the way completely for itself and nevertheless in the midst of nature - with the floating vacation cottage over the Mecklenburg lake district © TMV/Kirchgessner

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