The promise is great: all landscape and coastal forms of the Mecklenburg-Pomeranian coastal region would be represented in the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve. For visitors this means: 228 square kilometers of adventure land with many animals, plants, but also some witnesses of the past

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Southeast Rügen is a driving destination nature.

Due to the comfortable train journey and the free mobility on site with the spa card you can enjoy your vacation environmentally friendly.

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What does that actually mean: biosphere reserve? And what is "a cultural landscape with outstanding natural features"? In the case of the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve, it is simply a 228-square-kilometer section of the island of Rügen in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which also includes the outer coast between Thiessow and Binz and the island of Vilm.

To understand what awaits the inclined vacationer there, follow at this point only some of the many ways to enjoy yourself in such a reserve of diversity: For example, there is a nature guide there who offers guided wild and medicinal herb walks and guided tours of mounds and large stone tombs. Some of these graves date back to the Neolithic Age! Or, on a completely different topic, no less interesting: the "Weiße Flotte" offers Bodden cruises from the ports of Lauterbach and Baabe under the title "Past the island of Vilm", which is part of the biosphere reserve and has, we quote, "a primeval forest-like character". Those who instead want to know more about the animal life of the reserve could join a boat trip that sets sail on Mondays and Thursdays to go on a seal expedition.

In the Rügen Natural Heritage Center, on the other hand, an adventure exhibition or a barrier-free, 1250-meter-long treetop trail await visitors who want to finish off by enjoying the view over Rügen and the Baltic Sea from the "Adlerhorst" viewing platform at a height of 40 meters. And all this is only a small part of the many experiences that are possible in the Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve.

To enable uncomplicated mobility throughout the region the Baltic resorts of Baabe, Göhren, Mönchgut and Sellin have issued a spa card that covers the entire Mönchgut-Granitz district as a free ticket. Additional bonus: during the summer months two ships and a solar ferry of the White Fleet shuttle between Sellin, Baabe, Gager, Thiessow and Lauterbach. These ships can also be used free of charge with the spa card. You can find more information here.

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