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Rostock includes not only 15 kilometers of Baltic coast, but also a wonderful river, the Warnow. On and along the Warnow you can really experience a lot. From sailing to paddling to taking a sauna on a floating sweatbox!



How about a little cruise into the sunset? That's possible aboard Tobias and Cathi's catamaran. There's no need to hoist the sails yourself. As a passenger, you can just sit back and enjoy the boat gliding over the gently dancing waves of the Baltic Sea and into the setting sun. The sunset cruise lasts four hours, and if you're in the mood for (more) sea, the two skippers also offer longer tours. charter-and-sail.com


Sauna: Everything in flow

A different kind of sweating - in a river sauna on the Warnow! This is a floating sauna boat that is moored at the IGA grounds or at the city harbor, depending on the season. There is room for eight sauna guests, plus a relaxation room, hanging chairs, a kitchenette, a jukebox, a shower and, of course, bathing ladders. So that you can get back on board after cooling off in the river... river-sauna-rostock.com


City paddling

What results from the combination of city tour and kayak? Exactly: city paddling, a Rostock tour from a very unusual perspective! City paddling takes you in colorful kayaks through Rostock's city harbor, across the Warnow River and into the Petriviertel district. The guides are Ronald and Sandra, who can tell you a lot of exciting stories about their hometown from the perspective of the water. By the way, special paddling skills are not required. stadtpaddeln-rostock.de


All aboard!

With the
With the "MS Hansestadt Rostock" you can comfortably explore the city from the Warnow © TMV/Tiemann

If you were in Rostock and didn't take a harbor tour, you weren't really in Rostock. So quickly board the excursion ship "MS Hansestadt Rostock"! The tour goes quite relaxed from the Rostock city harbor via the overseas harbor and the shipyards to the open sea near Warnemünde and back again. In addition, the captain spins some sailor's yarn over loudspeakers. If you want, you can go ashore in Warnemünde. Or you can do the tour in the opposite direction.  blue-fleet.com


Sundowner with self-propelled

Such fun: a tour with a pedal boat, fish sandwiches and sunset is ideal for the whole family © TMV/Tiemann
Such fun: a tour with a pedal boat, fish sandwiches and sunset is ideal for the whole family © TMV/Tiemann

Did you know? The Warnow is great to sail on a pedal boat! You can rent the white-blue boats from the cool restaurant ship "Otto's" in the city harbor. A picnic basket with fish sandwiches or an ice-cold aperitif is also available on request. Then it's just a matter of pedaling... for example across the river to the Gehlsdorfer Ufer, whose small beach is the perfect place for a romantic sundowner. For those who like it really comfortable: Otto's also rents out motorboats. ottos-restaurant-ship.com 


On hot wheels

For guests who prefer to see the Warnow and the city harbor from solid ground, there are guided tours with hot rods. These are fast, cheerfully rattling convertible runabouts that look like vintage cars in bumper-car format and can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. Get in, put on your helmet and off you go... from the old town to the city harbor. That's where the people look! kuestencruiser.com


Almost like James Bond

Ice cubes ring in the glass, the mahogany yacht glides elegantly over the waves of the Warnow and life finally feels like in the movies again! Such relaxed pleasure cruises are offered by the brothers Robert and Paul Szuszinki, who cruise with their guests on lovingly restored maritime old-timers on the Warnow. If desired, they also offer gin tasting, with at least two of the gins being genuine Rostock products. arona-yachting.com


SUPer Rostock

Where is the best place to SUP on the Warnow? That depends on your skills, says Eike Witzel from the Supremesurf test and rental center. He advises beginners to take a tour upstream on the natural Lower Warnow, where the wind doesn't blow and you move your board through green nature. Or on a trip across the city harbor. If you want to buy the board you borrowed from Eike afterwards, you can be happy: the rental period is deducted from the purchase price. supremesurf.com

Cover photo: You will get a completely new perspective on Rostock while stand-up paddling on the Warnow © TMV/Gänsicke

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The Baltic Sea coast, the Mecklenburg lake district, historic Hanseatic cities: reasons for a Vacation in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania there are many.

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