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Mainz is located directly on the Rhine, and there are countless wineries and wine taverns in the city and the surrounding area. This provides a Mediterranean flair along with the right culinary delights. The city's Roman history and its most famous son, Johannes Gutenberg, are also omnipresent. These are all great reasons to visit Mainz. There is also a very special attitude to life: the "Mainz feeling".

But first things first - here are eight good reasons for a trip to Mainz:


The mainz feeling

The cathedral, Johannes Gutenberg and the city's exciting Roman history alone make a visit to Mainz worthwhile. But above all, it's the Mainz feeling that keeps many people coming back. In Mainz, you're always in company, even if you're wandering the city alone. No one has to wait long for an invitation to simply join you at a table - and Mainzers themselves also consider sociability to be one of their most beautiful qualities. Mainzers are basically open-minded people who are interested in each other. Here, everyone can live the way they want to. The diversity of people and their curiosity about each other characterize Mainz and can be felt around every corner.


Truss talk

The historic Old Town of Mainz is almost exactly one kilometer wide and two kilometers long. No one has ever measured it exactly, but the cobblestone alleys between the neat half-timbered houses provide ample space for all kinds of curious town stories and technical (work) simpletons. 


Cathedral amazement

St. Martin's Cathedral is over 1000 years old, from the first stone to its current state it has experienced a lot - its exact age is officially difficult to determine. In the shadow of the cathedral, the hearty Mainz way of life can be experienced wonderfully.


Rhine flanging

The almost five-and-a-half-kilometer-long Mainz Rhine promenade has a Mediterranean flair. There is enough space here to stroll into the sunset, enjoy a good wine on the sunbathing lawns and marvel at the small boats and large ships as they pass by. 


Palate pleasing

Mainz is the official wine capital of Germany, and the surrounding Rheinhessen region is Germany's largest wine-growing area, covering some 26,000 hectares. The wines that grow here and are turned into fine wines in the many regional wineries enjoy an outstanding reputation. And rightly so, as you will discover over a good glass of wine in the numerous traditional wine taverns, hip trendy restaurants and star-rated kitchens. And that, too, is typical of the city: enjoy a leisurely meal while experiencing the convivial, warm Mainz way of life.


Gutenberg printing

Mainz is the place where "The Man Of The Millennium" triggered the third media revolution. Johannes Gensfleisch - known to most as Gutenberg - invented movable type for printing around 1450, making him something like the grandfather of the Internet. You can marvel at his aesthetic masterpiece - the Gutenberg Bible - in Mainz. And in the museum's print store, you can put something on paper yourself using lead type and hand presses.


Wine hiking

There are around 700 kilometers of hiking trails around Mainz, leading through idyllic meadows along the Rhine or the wine-rich hills of Rheinhessen. With wine tastings and plenty of places to stop for refreshments, the Mainz area offers hiking experiences as far as your feet will take you.


Experience Mainz individually - at an all-inclusive price

History, culture, culinary delights, nature and a very special attitude to life - there is a lot to discover and experience in and around Mainz. With the mainzgefühl package you get, in addition to an overnight stay including breakfast, many culinary delights, the mainzcardplus, which serves as a ticket for public transport and admission to the Mainz museums, as well as a mainzgefühl bottle of wine. The mainzgefühl package, which is also included, includes a tour map that takes you to the city's "must-sees". Experience the special feeling of life - already from 95 € per person!

Cover image: The Mediterranean flair of the city on the Rhine can be experienced in every season and offers a special attitude to life. © mainzplus CITYMARKETING_FotoFarmer

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