The large number of vinotheques and wine taverns may help, to narrow down the focus of Moselle Valley tourism.

With the bike at the Moselle or along the Rhine? Good idea, because on the water you can get a wonderful impression of the beautiful wine region, which makes an exceedingly picturesque impression with its proud castles, traditional half-timbered architecture and steep vineyards. On the banks of the Rhine and Moselle lie sights such as the Loreley rock, Traben-Trarbach or the imposing Eltz castle. Traben-Trarbach, by the way, is a state-recognized spa with lots of beautiful Art Nouveau and Belle Epoque architecture. Special feature: There is an underground Christmas market here called "Vinotropolis", which takes place in a network of wine cellars steeped in history.

Bernkastel-Kues, the other, somewhat larger Moselle gem, is also devoted to wine. In its charming old town, there are more wine taverns than bakeries. In a normal year, the big "Wine Festival of the Middle Moselle" not only features fireworks for the palate, but also a real one on the water. The highlight of the festival is the entry of the Mosella, the wine queen of Bernkastel-Kues. In her entourage: 20 other wine queens from the Moselle communities in the area. Even convinced democrats become elated monarchists. The large number of vinotheques and wine taverns offer great opportunities to experience - and enjoy - wine outside of a wine festival.

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