Cathedral of iron and glass: This exciting industrial monument stands not far from Coblenz in Bendorf-Sayn. Designed like a basilica, the Sayner Hütte casting hall with its fully glazed west facade was considered an architectural work of art in the 19th century and As a Prussian model plant, it housed a large number of technical innovations.

The ironworks was founded in 1769 founded by Elector Clemens Wenzeslaus. The water power of the Saynbach valley was used early on to drive the blower, hammer and punch mills. An elaborate above- and underground canal system for the water still exists today. From 1815 onwards, pipes, rails, cannons and ammunition for the expansion of Prussian fortresses were produced at the Sayner Hütte, as well as fine iron art castings such as the Griffin reliefs on the so-called Lion Gate in Koblenz or the spiral staircase and floral étagères at Stolzenfels Castle. One of the most unusual objects is certainly a cast-iron Schinkel chair, which marked the beginning of design 100 years before the Bauhaus and was quite confidently signed 'Sayner Hütte'. 

After extensive restoration work The Sayner Hütte has been open to visitors again since 2017. In the casting hall, you can experience the tapping process in a multimedia presentation, i.e. the moment when the blast furnace releases the molten pig iron. Recorded working sounds and lighting effects convey a vivid impression of what it was like in the foundry almost 200 years ago. Using augmented reality, you can view the machines and furnaces that no longer exist today on rotating monitors and learn how they work.

In Krupp's hall, the former machine hall, you have the opportunity to learn about the most important historical background of the ironworks and in the arcade building you can discover the works of art that were once cast at the Sayner Hütte in the new iron art casting museum. In addition, the Sayner Hütte is the venue for a wide variety of cultural events throughout the year, and you can learn the technique of casting in workshops.

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Cover picture: The Sayner Hütte - a unique ensemble of history, industrial culture and landscape © Klaus Breitkreutz

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