Andi Weigand is a third-generation winemaker. For several years now, he has been turning viticulture in the Franconian town of Iphofen upside down. Young, creative and ambitious - Weigand combines new ideas with proven traditions and a love of detail. In his free time, he loves to be out and about in Würzburg, in the wine villages and along the Main River. Here he tells us what his perfect weekend looks like in and around his home town of Iphofen.

Around Würzburg there is something going on at any time of the year. From April and May everything really comes to life again, I like that. In the fall, there's a lot of action because of the winegrowing. In the summer, I like to be out and about along the Main: The Mainradweg is super for a bike tour, and the river always lends itself to cool refreshment. If you come to our region for a weekend in the summer, I would recommend the following program:

Friday afternoon:

The best thing is to travel directly to Würzburg. The city has so much to offer! Take a relaxed stroll through the old town and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Great for a first overview: the Marienberg Fortress. From here you can see over the whole city and onto the Old Marien Bridge. This is also the home of the Main-Franconian Museum, if you're in the mood for art. It shows important works by Franconian artists such as Tilmann Riemenschneider.

Friday evening:

I like the Old Port in Würzburg directly on the Main near the Kulturspeicher - that's definitely a bit of my favorite spot. You'll also find MS Zufriedenheit there, a super good restaurant. They have really delicious cuisine: Franconian specialties, but reinterpreted. Here they cook fresh every day with regional products. You can taste that and it tastes good to me.

Saturday morning:

Saturday was supposed to be all about the many pretty wine towns in our region. There are so many nice spots! And everything revolves around wine. In spring and summer there are also, usually, wine festivals everywhere, from the very traditional to the young and modern.

The morning is best spent in my hometown of Iphofen. Stroll through the winding streets, look at the ancient half-timbered houses. But also take time for the surroundings! For example, there are such beautiful viewpoints around Iphofen. My favorite is the "terroir f" on the Julius-Echter-Berg. "terroir f" these are the magical places of Franconian wine, there are several of them in the Franconian wine country. The view from up here over the vineyards is simply fantastic. My favorite time to visit is early in the morning or at sunset, when the atmosphere is at its best. Oh, and if you've always wanted to help out in the vineyard: Helpers are always welcome for the grape harvest! But of course you can also just watch...

Saturday afternoon:

Sulzfeld is just as idyllic as Iphofen. Here you can see many historic buildings, such as the medieval fortifications, the town hall from 1609, the parish church, or the prince-bishop's cellar house from 1529. And here, too, wine is omnipresent. You can hike through the vineyards on the wine trail, take part in a wine tasting, or enjoy a glass of wine directly on the Main River at one of the tapping carts and refresh your feet in the river water.

Saturday evening:

For the evening, I recommend another atmospheric wine village in the region - Veitshöchheim. Also because in the hotel Wiener Botschaft not so long ago a really cool restaurant opened, the "Wiener Dog". Super young and modern cuisine on a very high level. Not bad either: the price-performance ratio here is absolutely unbeatable. In addition, there is an exquisite selection of Franconian wines. There's no better way to end the day.

Sunday morning:

On Sunday you can visit Café Mozart in the heart of Würzburg wonderful brunch. You sit on antique armchairs, candlesticks spread shimmering light. In good weather, you can also enjoy the sun outside on the terrace, the many delicacies and delicious cakes.

Sunday noon and afternoon:

After brunch, it's time to get some exercise, preferably on the Main cycle path. In the summer I really like to be on the Main, because between Würzburg and Frickenhausen there are great swimming bays. And on the Mainwiese I just relax or grill, so take a small picnic for your breaks on the shore. Preferably with a good bottle of wine, of course! By the way, you can find rental stations for bikes everywhere, for example Mainbike in Randersacker.

Sunday evening:

Of course, our good Franconian wine may not be missing in the evening. The best way to end the weekend is with a wine tasting at our winery. Make yourselves comfortable, sit down together, uncork a fine Silvaner and review your weekend in a very relaxed way. Cheers and see you soon!

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