What connects the Großer Krottenkopf, Mädelegabel and Hochvogel? Exactly: They are the highest mountains in the Allgäu and a real delight for mountaineers. But also light hikers and culture lovers get their money's worth in the Allgäu Alps.

The nature reserve Allgäu High Alps is a driving destination nature.

Due to the convenient train journey and the free mobility on site with the Bad Hindelang PLUS you can enjoy your vacation in an environmentally friendly way.

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Simply climb the Nebelhorn near Oberstdorf and join the most beautiful high alpine hiking trails there. Or take the cable car up to the Fellhorn float: It's also a great place to hike. And you can stop off for a leisurely bite to eat. In the rustic alpine huts Upper Bierenwang Hut or Eagle Nest For example, where the mountain happiness is poured out with such a large ladle that many a person is said to have missed the taps because it was so cozy.

The Allgäu Alps are a place of longing for everyone who loves nature and hiking happiness. Gorge tours, grass-covered peaks, expansive alpine pastures, mountain lakes, cozy huts - it's all there. Tips? With pleasure: We recommend families the easy, just under 350 meter high hike to the lookout tower on the Black Ridge. Somewhat more challenging, but no less beautiful is the high trail above the Oytalwhich starts at the mountain station of the Nebelhornbahn. Or how about a tour to the beautiful Engeratsgundsee? The mountain lake below the Daumenmassiv is considered an absolute jewel in the Allgäu Alps.

You can find more information here: Be a golden eagle once.

Mobile on site even without a car: Allgäu Walser Card

Do you want to make the most of the tourist attractions in the Allgäu High Alps nature reserve? With the Allgäu Walser Card - the electronic guest card that you receive from your host without being asked - this is possible. You have free travel on the local buses. In addition, you will receive the Bad Hindelang PLUS Card at 220 participating accommodations - it allows you to participate free of charge in selected leisure activities as well as free rides on buses and mountain railroads. More info: click here

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