How much snow is on the ski slopes? Is the sun shining? Is there a lot going on at the sights? What does it look like on the ground? Webcams are a great way to gather inspiration for your vacation. And they help you plan trips during your vacation. Take a look at Oberstdorf right now and find out which season is best for a vacation.  

What's going on in Oberstdorf?

Oberstdorf is the tourist center of the Oberallgäu with 9500 inhabitants and the southernmost community in Germany. Surrounded by high mountains, the place is the perfect destination for mountaineers, mountain bikers, skiers, climbers and Photographers. 75 percent of the municipality's area is under landscape or nature protection. Together with the neighboring Kleinwalsertal, Oberstdorf is the largest hiking and mountain sports area on the northern edge of the Alps - you can explore the diverse landscape on more than 200 kilometers of marked hiking trails. Numerous mountain railroads take you up to (almost) the summits of Fellhorn and Kanzelwand, Nebelhorn, Söllereck, Walmendingerhorn, Ifen and Heuberg. Up there, you can enjoy not only the expansive view of the Allgäu Alps, but also delicious alpine dishes - and the fresh mountain air. This is especially popular with spa guests and, together with the crystal clear water from the mountains, has made Oberstdorf a climatic health resort and Kneipp spa. 

And there is also much to discover in the village: For example, the Museum Bergschau, where you can learn a lot about life in and with the mountains. Traditions are still honored and actively lived by the locals in Oberstdorf. With about 950 members, the Oberstdorf Mountain Costume and Heritage Society is the largest traditional costume society in Germany. In mid-September, the richly decorated cows are brought down from the Alps, surrounded by folk festivals with brass band music, hearty feasts and the excellent Allgäu beer. 

Oberstdorf in summer

The summer in and around Oberstdorf is all about nature. Now is the best season to explore the diverse mountain landscape. Particularly popular is the deepest and one of the most impressive rocky gorges in Central Europe: the Breitachklamm. With vertical and overhanging walls almost a hundred meters high and the constantly rushing water deep below, it is one of the most beautiful biotopes in Bavaria. Lake Freiberg near Oberstdorf is also a popular summer destination. It is located in a forest, surrounded by mountains and with a view of the Heini-Klopfer ski jump. If you like sports, you can explore the valleys around Oberstdorf quite wonderfully by bike. Whether by mountain bike, road bike or e-bike, there is the right tour for every athlete. For example, through Kleinwalsertal, to Sibratsgfäll, into Oytal and up to alps and mountain inns. If you keep your eyes open, you can even observe ibexes or marmots. By the way: Many of the trails are barrier-free, so that vacationers in wheelchairs can also enjoy the views from the mountains. 

Oberstdorf in winter

With its alpine ski resorts on the Nebelhorn, the Söllereck and the Fellhorn/Kanzelwand, the cross-country skiing trails, the ice stadium, the ski jumps as well as the ski jump, Oberstdorf is a wonderful winter destination. Through the ski alliance Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal you can reach a total of 130 kilometers of slopes via the various mountain railroads. In addition, you have the choice between 140 kilometers of prepared winter hiking trails and 75 kilometers of cross-country ski trails. In the ice sports center with Olympic base and sports boarding school, young athletes are trained in the sports of curling, figure skating, cross-country skiing and ski jumping. The annual highlight is the start of the Four Hills Tournament in ski jumping. Since 1953, the event has been held on the two ski jumps on the Schattenberg. Oberstdorf is also one of the few places in the world that can host ski flying competitions - they fly from the 70-meter-high Heini Klopfer ski jump in Birgsau Valley. On a guided tour, you'll learn more about ski flying and its differences from ski jumping - and, thanks to virtual reality, you can even dare to take a flight from Germany's largest ski jump yourself. The Nordic combined athletes are also regular guests in Oberstdorf, most recently during the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2021. The popular Breitachklamm gorge is also an experience in winter. Then it transforms into a fairytale landscape of snow and ice. You can then admire glittering icicles, mighty ice curtains, solidified waterfalls and mysterious caves. The evening torchlight hikes through the bizarre ice and winter landscape of the Breitachklamm gorge offer a very special attraction. These take place from the end of December to March, depending on the weather. 

Best time to visit Oberstdorf

It all depends on what you want to do. Oberstdorf has its charm in every season. Ideal conditions for hiking in the summer, usually around 20 degrees Celsius and little rain, there are from June to August. But there are also more and more hot days with far more than 30 degrees Celsius around this time of year. Then you should rather jump into one of the refreshing mountain lakes instead of doing a lot of hiking. You can expect snow from November to April. Since the weather in the mountains can change quickly, you should check the weather forecast before every excursion. This can be done especially well via the daily updated Mountain sports report. Then nothing stands in the way of your tours in the unique mountain landscape around Oberstdorf. 

Cover photo: The most sunshine hours per day await you in Oberstdorf in July and August © ARochau -

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