It is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records: at 1051 meters long, Burghausen Castle is officially the world's longest castle. The tuff ashlar beauty consists of six castle courtyards and is the region's center of attraction.

By train to Burghausen: Plan arrival

More Bavaria does not go actually at all. If you take one of the boat trips on the Salzach - usually three times a week in summer, but you can also book them individually if you wish - you will not only experience a fun trip on the river, but also discover Burghausen's landmark in the most beautiful way imaginable: From the water, Burghausen Castle rises above the listed old town like a massive movie set - impressive. (Plätten, by the way, are the clunky workboats from the Alpine Danube region that a rower navigates with a wooden pole).

Burghausen Castle is the longest castle in the world, measuring more than one kilometer. So there is enough space here between the battlements and towers to house various museums and galleries and to stage theater performances and concerts. In addition, the entertaining guided tours of the castle tell about the life of past times, magicians, knights and ghosts. In winter, the castle is a famous "Christmas market" meeting place in the region - no wonder with this backdrop. The fact that Burghausen also has a beautiful old town with many colorful houses and ornate facades is a bonus on top.

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