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Often the best things in life are not to be had without effort. In this case, through a three-hour hike high up in the Allgäu Alps. The reward: from nowhere is the view of the Allgäu main ridge more beautiful than at the Guggersee high above the Rappenalp valley 

The Guggersee in the Allgäu Alps near Oberstdorf is not even the size of a soccer field. 49 meters long, 25 meters wide, that's it. What kind of sight is this? Answer: A very enchanting one. Which already starts with the fact that the hike alone to the lonely lake up to 1725 meters above sea level is a spectacular pleasure. From the starting point, the parking lot of the Fellhorn cable car, you should allow about three hours for a brisk hike to the lake - but that includes numerous rest breaks for the wonderful photo opportunities along the way through the Allgäu mountains.

Important: The path is sometimes stony and steep - so sturdy shoes and hiking poles are not a mistake. Why the Guggersee is called what it is, can then be answered quite simply at the lake itself: You look and look and look and presumably can't get enough of this magnificent view of the Trettachspitze and deep into the Rappenalptal. No joke about the name: It is assumed that many alpine herdsmen came to the lake in ancient times to look into the mountains. Whoever doubts this can do a little homeland care in the surrounding huts and inns and inquire about the origins of the Guggersee. On the one hand, there is the Mindelheimer Hütte, which lies almost three hundred meters above the lake. The additional meters of ascent are rewarded with homemade cakes and pasta - and a place to sleep in the mattress dormitory, if you reserve in advance. If you decide to walk back from the lake to the valley, you can either stop for a hearty snack in "Willis Hütte" or take a well-deserved break in the cozy parlor at the Sennalpe Eschbach. On the alpine dairy 20 horn cows live and provide the raw material for the numerous Allgäu mountain cheeses and the buttermilk, which is still traditionally available here from the butter churn. 

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