Is the sun shining in Fichtelberg? What does it look like on the ground? How much snow is on the Fichtelberg ski slopes? Is there a lot going on at the sights? Webcams are a great way to gather inspiration for your vacation. And they help you plan excursions during your vacation. Take a look at Fichtelberg right now and find out which season is best for a vacation.

What's going on in Fichtelberg?

At the beautiful Fichtelsee - in the heart of the nature park "Hohes Fichtelgebirge" - lies the state-approved climatic health resort with its districts Neubau and Hüttstadl-St.Veit. Fichtelberg is the most densely populated place in the Fichtelgebirge Nature Park in the Upper Franconian district of Bayreuth. However, this does not mean that Fichtelberg, with its population of less than 2000, is a quiet place. The opposite is the case: the community located on the southeast slope of the Ochsenkopf is a popular retreat for nature lovers and people who are looking for peace and deceleration on vacation. The Fichtelgebirge with its extensive forest and pasture areas lies at the intersection of the Thuringian Forest, Franconian Forest, Upper Palatinate Forest and the Ore Mountains. In the region around Fichtelberg there are a lot of leisure and sports activities: Hiking, climbing, swimming, cycling and mountain biking are more favored in summer, whereas skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and ice skating are also possible in winter. The village is located on the Euregio Egrensis long-distance cycling trail - a cross-border facility in the border area between Bavaria, Bohemia, Saxony and Thuringia. Among the sights of the village are the baroque Bergamtskirche, which was built between 1708 and 1711 and furthermore an actor with stage name Mc Steve, who grew up in Fichtelberg and at some point belonged to the group Passion Fruit ("The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song") - shall none of you say that he was only insufficiently informed about Fichtelberg...

Fichtelberg in summer

Doesn't sound so sweet at first, But it is: The Fichtelberg tourist likes to enjoy himself also in summer between Ochsenkopf and Schneeberg. That's where you'll find the Fichtelsee, a beautiful reservoir covering around 10 hectares, which is the perfect summer retreat for water lovers of all ages: a sunbathing lawn, children's playground and large sports fields ensure that no one really gets bored here. In addition, a well-known hiking trail runs around the lake, where you could walk a few stages if such an urge for a lazy day at the lake should arise. The route, which is not exactly unambitious at 70 kilometers in length (from Hof / Saale to Kirchenlaibach), might not exactly be done in a day, but even on a short distance, great feelings are possible for you: "Hiking is the most perfect form of locomotion if you want to discover true life." Already knew Gabriele von Arnim. What other ways are there to celebrate summer? The moor bath in Fleckl, for example, or the all-season toboggan run (Alpine Coaster) in Bischofsgrün, of course. And if you want to see animals that you otherwise rarely see in the wild, the Mehlmeisel Wildlife Park is the place to go: Sheep, wild boars, red deer, lynx and capercaillies can be observed in their natural environment without disturbing fences. During the guided feeding tours, daily at 2 p.m. and in the summertime also at 4:30 p.m., visitors experience the animals in action. 

Fichtelberg in winter

Thanks to the altitude of Fichtelberg winter sports are of course always a good option in this region. The skiing area "Bleaml-Alm", for example, presents an extensive and well-prepared network of cross-country skiing trails, where classic cross-country skiers as well as skaters get their money's worth. If you haven't left enough energy on the slopes during the day, the night cross-country skiing trail or a floodlit toboggan run is a great option. Finally, the Fichtelsee, which is still responsible for swimming in the summer, serves as an ice rink under the right climatic conditions - ice skating or ice hockey are possible in sub-zero temperatures, depending on your taste. Of course, most summer hiking trails are also open in the cold seasons. If you want to keep the little ones busy hiking and entertained at the same time: there are 14 signs with fairy tale figures on the hillside in Bischofsgrün, about 2 km long. Signposted from the town hall and easy to walk, the path leads past many streams, rocks and fountains. In this fairy-tale atmosphere, parents can tell their children the fairy tales from the accompanying fairy-tale coloring book. Finally, also not unimportant: for the physical well-being, the hearty Franconian cuisine is a warming delight, especially in winter. From Schäufala to Franconian Sauerbraten and delicious beer from the homeland. All the delicacies available in the region at a glance can be found in the culinary guide of the Ochsenkopf adventure region. In it, the communities of Warmensteinach, Bischofsgrün, Fichtelberg and Mehlmeisel present all their specialties. The brochure is available free of charge at the tourist information offices.

Best time to visit Fichtelberg

Not a climate for warmists: Even in summer, the maximum temperature in Fichtelberg is around 15 degrees - just the altitude. The Fichtelberg area is characterized by long snowy winters and short summers. The weather gods are also not stingy with rainy days - those who travel to Fichtelberg on vacation know what weatherproof outdoor clothing was invented for. Nevertheless, the stay in Fichtelberg is a pleasure in summer and winter - you just have to be prepared. But it should come as no surprise that winter sports - which are very important here - are the main focus in this region. As the best travel time we would call October to March - snow is then in any case still.

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