Only 60 kilometers from Munich, yet it's like being on another planet: Rosenheim in the Bavarian Alpine foothills has pretty urban sides, but its true beauty is only revealed when you venture a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain landscape 

The question on a normal sunny day in Rosenheim is not whether you should use the opportunity to hike, walk or climb up into the mountains. The question is which peak it should be! The choice is large: Should it be the Heuberg at 1338 meters, which allows a magnificent view down into the Inn Valley? Or should it be up to the local mountain of Rosenheim: The Hochries is located at 1569 meters and is popular with hiking enthusiasts and mountain fans of all ages, especially because of the fantastic 360 degree view. From the Chiemgau to Lake Chiemsee - everything on it, everything in it in this view, which you also "earn" with a very nice, about two-hour climb from the Spatenau hiking parking lot on the Samerberg.

And these are only two of the numerous peaks that smile at the inclined stroller from the very top, even in the center of Rosenheim while having coffee on the beautiful, almost Italian-looking Max-Josefs-Platz. The Farrenpoint at 1274 meters belongs there just as mentioned as the Rampoldplatte, the Karkopf or the Wildalpjoch, the latter again with a grandiose view of the Wendelstein. With all the mountain splendor around Rosenheim, however, one must not forget that the city of 60,000 inhabitants also has something to offer in the urban area. The constant TV viewers of the "Rosenheim Cops" know this - even if the film bistro "Times Square" is not actually in Rosenheim, but in Stegen on the Ammersee. On the other hand, the Wilhelminian style facades of the so-called Gillitzerblock are worth a visit, as is the Mittertor, one of the city gates, which was used as a customs office in the 15th century. But the best thing to do in Rosenheim is to combine urban with alpine pleasures: Having a view of the mountains at the same time while dining on Lake Chiemsee - that's probably the pinnacle of happiness.

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