Even the well-traveled Hemingway knew: In Germany, everything except Munich is a waste of time. That's an exaggeration, of course (but only a little). But for people who like to party, are interested in art and la dolce vita, there might be something to it.

By train to Munich: Plan arrival

There used to be this wonderful TV series by Helmut Dietl called "Kir Royal". Anyone who saw it knew everything about Munich afterwards. For everyone else, here's a brief summary: The city is architecturally a feast for the eyes, is full of wonderful theaters and hip restaurants where people show up and greet you with bussi. Leopoldstrasse (or the Gärtnerplatz district) is still home to the species of the "Stenz", a charming Munich ladies' man, also immortalized by Helmut Dietl in "Monaco Franze".

Munich residents spend much of their time outside sidewalk cafés and in beer gardens, where they are allowed to bring their own food. But for all the good-natured mockery that Munich has to put up with because of its fine way of life: When the foehn once again grants a clear view of the Alps, when Munich residents indulge in physical pleasures in the English Garden or at the Viktualienmarkt, on the Isar beaches, in the museum cafés or at the Flaucher, then it is simply impossible to overlook: Munich shines (as Thomas Mann already wrote) and not too scarcely ...

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