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Bavaria's third-largest city is also the oldest - and has only fallen behind Munich in terms of importance since Napoleonic times. The evidence of Augsburg's earlier relevance is all still there - and a few new ones have been added.

By train to Augsburg: Plan arrival

For children, the matter is clear: Augsburg, isn't that where the famous Puppenkiste comes from? Young people and the young at heart tend to think of the Bundesliga team, while those interested in feuilletonism probably think directly of Bertold Brecht and the Fuggers. And of course, all of these references are anchored in Augsburg and play a role in the everyday tourist life of the Swabian (caution: not Bavarian!) city - just like the Glass Palace as a center for urban art and culture or the Augsburg City Hall built in the style of the late Renaissance.

But who knows that Augsburg has recently been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a completely different reason. It's all about water and its management: with its magnificent fountains, the many canals and historic water towers, Augsburg was included in the coveted UNESCO list in July 2019. Who wants to learn more about what it's all about: The themed tour "Water in the City" provides information about it. But you can also simply drift through Augsburg's old town and let the fountain city take effect on you.

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