Würzburg is the heart of the Franconian wine region, and this heart beats in more wine taverns and wineries in the idyllic surroundings than one will be able to visit so quickly. Culture lovers are likely to work up a sweat even during the day.

By train to Würzburg: Plan arrival

The question is not whether there are enough sights in Würzburg worth visiting. No, the right question is rather: How can one possibly manage all that? So much beauty in a city of only 130,000 inhabitants? And all of them are absolute highlights that you really don't want to miss.

The Würzburg Residence, for example, the city's landmark from the 18th century - baroque at its best. Then there's the Marienberg Fortress above the Main River, along with its panoramic view. The Old Main Bridge. The Würzburg Cathedral. Käppele, Marienkapelle, market square and Schönbornstraße, the shopping mile of the city. And we haven't even mentioned Würzburg's vibrant scene life, to which the many students of the university city make their noticeable contribution. By the way, students can also be found in the wine cellars of the Mainviertel. Because if there's one thing you can agree on in Würzburg, it's the Bocksbeutel!

Here Andi Weigand's proposal for a perfect weekend around Würzburg!

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