Is the sun shining in Ruhpolding? What does it look like on the ground? How much snow is there in the Bavarian Alps? Is there a lot going on at the sights? Webcams are a great way to gather inspiration for your vacation. And they help you plan excursions during your vacation. Take a look at Ruhpolding right now and find out which season is best for a vacation here.  

What's going on in Ruhpolding?

Ruhpolding is located in the Bavarian Alps between Munich and Salzburg - roughly speaking. The name stands for magnificent panoramas, clear mountain air and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the incomparable nature of the region in every season. This includes numerous hiking opportunities in the area as well as mountain bike trails or a varied ski area in winter - Ruhpolding is known, for example, as an absolute biathlon stronghold. As one magazine wrote enthusiastically the other day, "The mix of nature experience, hospitality and the opportunity for activities of all kinds makes vacationing in Ruhpolding an all-around happy experience." Bonus: The Chiemgau Card gives you free admission to mountain railroads, museums, pools, ski lifts and many other attractions in the region - it's given to you free of charge by one of the participating Chiemgau Card hosts when you start your vacation. And if, for once, the weather doesn't cooperate in the municipality in the Traunstein district, which has about 6,000 inhabitants, there are still two museums ready for some interesting indoor fun. In the local history museum, one is confronted, unsurprisingly, with the history of Ruhpolding, while in the Holzknecht museum one deals with the conditions under which the forest workers of the region had to work in the past. Spoiler alert: they were tough. 

Ruhpolding in summer

Walking is the noblest form of locomotion, as the saying goes. In Ruhpolding there are several tours up to the peaks of the region to try this out: The "Sonntagshorn", for example, is considered a difficult tour, 17 kilometers long with a difference in altitude of 1340 meters - if you estimate nine hours for it, you should not allow yourself too many breaks. The Urschlauer Ache hiking trail, for example, is much easier and can be completed in just over three hours: it is 5 kilometers long and requires 708 meters of elevation gain. What both of these and the many other hiking trails in the region have in common is that the paths lead past blooming alpine pastures and the various mountain panoramas are perfect for cutting a good figure on your own Instagram account. It's simply beautiful in the Bavarian Alps! It's no wonder that many mountain bikers or Nordic walkers see it that way: they are out and about in large numbers around Ruhpolding. 

Not all of you can or want to be a sports freak, of course. But each of you would still like to have a bit of the beautiful vacation cake, also completely understandable. The solution: If you are not so good on foot, you can simply take the Rauschbergbahn or the Unternbergersessellift up the mountain. One more tip that goes down particularly well with families with children: visit the Wood Spirit Trail on the Rauschberg. This themed hike brings together two things that kids in particular like: First, it only takes an hour and a half, optimistically measured. And secondly, with the rustic wooden ghosts at numerous trail markers, it has enough show effects to make even notorious kids look up from their cell phones with interest. And more is not possible ...

Ruhpolding in winter

For active holidaymakers, there are three ski mountains to satisfy your sporting desires. Skiers of all quality levels will find "their" blue, red and also black slope here, where they can ski on personally tailored skills. But of course that's not even half of what's on offer: more than 100 years ago, the first pioneers were already on the move on "Skibrettln" in Ruhpolding. Until today the cross-country enthusiasm does not flatten: Every year in January inspires the Chiemgau Arena Thousands of biathlon fans. So it's no wonder that you'll find a paradise for cross-country skiers here. There are cross-country trails in Ruhpolding in every level of difficulty. A special highlight is the three-lake cross-country ski trail in "Klein Kanada" between Ruhpolding and Reit im Winkl. If you want to follow the international biathlon stars, you can be instructed in the art of shooting by former national coach and Olympic champion Fritz Fischer at the biathlon camp. The active offer is also suitable for children and teenagers, who can practice here with harmless laser rifles. In addition, Ruhpolding offers more than 50 km of cleared winter hiking trails during the winter months. While hiking through the mostly idyllic snow-covered forests, you can not only enjoy the fresh winter air, but also take in the magnificent winter panorama of the Ruhpolding mountains.

Best time to visit Ruhpolding

For summer visitors, the best time to visit Ruhpolding is probably from May to September, as this is a time of mild or pleasant temperatures that are perfect for hiking and other outdoor pursuits. In addition, there is little to moderate precipitation. The highest average temperature in Ruhpolding is 21 °C in August - that's bearable. If it should be hotter than expected, the Förchensee at the foot of the Seekopf (1173 meters) or the Froschsee near Inzell are nice swimming lakes where you can refresh yourself. For winter vacationers, the snow months - December, January and February - are of course the best time to travel in order to also make the most of the ski areas in the region. The average temperature is lowest in January, at 0 degrees Celsius. Good news for winter sports enthusiasts. 

Cover picture: From the mountains around Ruhpolding you have wonderful views, like here from the back to the front Rauschberg © Wolfgang Knoll -

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