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Lucky who knows such a wonderful bathing lake nearby. The Lautersee near Mittenwald is only 12 hectares in size, but up to 20 meters deep. To dive down there, however, you first have to climb up a little...

Doesn't the route description already sound like the prose of a local poet? From Mittenwald you start into the Laintal, past the Mariengrotte and the Lainbach waterfall. This continues until you reach the Maria Königin chapel with its enchanting Lüftl painting, which was only built in 1993 by the local mountain costume association and consecrated in 1995. If you see the chapel, you have almost reached your destination: the Lautersee is located here at an altitude of almost exactly 1000 meters.

The walk to the lake, you guessed it, is so beautiful and little arduous that it is also suitable for the whole family including children. Especially since the reward is already waiting: The lake with its blue-green shimmering color is wonderfully suitable for swimming, even drinking water quality is certified. Rowing and pedal boats can be rented, and a small hotel and a few discreet restaurants do not disturb the pleasant silence of this place. Not even the diving tower in the lido at the foot of the Kranzberg, from which you can enjoy a fine view of the valley, can do that. Of course, hikers and mountain bikers can continue to enjoy the circular path around the lake, with the view of the Karwendel Mountains already priced in. And who it should become actually at the mountain lake in beach bath proximity once too rummelig - very improbably, by the way - has also still the possibility of changing to the second impressing lake in the region: The Ferchensee is also an experience - and only 1.5 kilometers away from the Lautersee. 

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